Anti Vibration Shockmount Cradle


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  • Anti Vibration Shockmount microphone cradle.
  • Anti Vibration Shockmount microphone cradle.

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Brand New - Genuine - Editors Keys Anti-Vibration Shockmount Cradle
*Does not include Microphone.

You are buying an official Editors Keys Antivibration ShockMount Cradle. This is the Pro version, which helps prevent vibrations and floor shocks entering your microphone. (A must for home recording!)

It's amazing how many vibrations can get through to your recordings, such as traffic, building movement and touching the micorphone stand whilst recording, and this can really ruin your otherwise perfect takes.

This Isolation cradle is designed for studio condenser microphones with a diameter of 45-51mm. (This cradle is compatible with all microphones of this size, and if you buy an Editors Keys microphone, you get a shockmount FREE of charge included.)

The cradle fits directly onto the microphone stand with a 5/8" fitting, or you can purchase any thread adapter for microphone stands with a 5/8" fitting (many microphone stands have an adaptor that unscrews to leave the 3/8" fitting) The central section that holds the microphone is 45mm but is adjustable for wider models up to 51mm. It is manufactured from a metal frame with rubber supports and is finished in silver.

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