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  • Magic Keyboard Cover
  • Magic Keyboard Cover
  • Magic Keyboard Cover
  • Magic Keyboard Cover

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Apple Magic Keyboard Protection Cover

You know what it's like, you've spent lots of money on your new iMac, you've got that great new Magic Keyboard there which is amazingly thin. The only problem is, it doesn't give much protection against the elements and lets face it, we've all spilled drinks on our keyboards or the odd late night snack. Now's your time to protect it.

We has designed the finest silicone keyboard cover to protect and enhance your Apple Magic Keyboard. Your covers are unique for many reasons. First, you can feel the difference. The durable, ultra-thin silicone we use results in a soft tactile feel that does not restrict typing. Second, you can see the difference. Every key is individually molded (including the return key and function keys) and specially printed for a long lasting professional look.

The covers are made of durable, ultra-thin silicone and perfectly molded to fit the Apple Magic keyboard. They are designed to not slip or slide and have a silky smooth feel so they are soft and comfortable to the touch and will not restrict typing. 

The Editors Keys iMac keyboard covers also safeguard your keyboard from dirt, spills and wear and tear, allowing you to protect your investment in your desktop computer. They are hand washable and easy to keep clean. 

This keyboard will only fit the Apple Magic Keyboard. If you have the older Apple Wireless Keyboard please see our other listing.

 Fits all MacBook and iMac Keyboards

What keyboard do you have?

Magic Keyboard or Apple Wireless


There are 2 question(s) for this product.

What's the best way to fit these covers. I can't seem to get my new one to sit snugly on the keys, it just floats on top.

By Watermaa on May 18, 2016

Hey thanks for the question. This cover is expertly moulded to your Apple keyboard so once you put it on it will fit perfectly. No more floating covers for you ;-)

Does this cover fit magic keyboards brought in Australia

By Greg on February 23, 2017

Hey Greg - Yes you'll be pleased to know this cover will fit the new Magic Keyboard from Australia. (It will fit all of the Magic keyboards around the world.)

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