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  • Pro Tools Keyboard for PC and Mac Backlit Illuminated
  • Pro Tools Keyboard for PC and Mac Backlit Illuminated
  • Pro Tools Keyboard for PC and Mac Backlit Illuminated
  • Pro Tools Keyboard for PC and Mac Backlit Illuminated
  • Pro Tools Keyboard for PC and Mac Backlit Illuminated
  • Pro Tools Keyboard for PC and Mac Backlit Illuminated
  • Pro Tools Keyboard for PC and Mac Backlit Illuminated
  • Pro Tools Keyboard for PC and Mac Backlit Illuminated
  • Pro Tools Keyboard for PC and Mac Backlit Illuminated
  • Pro Tools Keyboard for PC and Mac Backlit Illuminated

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World's first backlit editing keyboard 

You can spend hours - if not days inside the recording studio, eyes focused on your bright monitor, so it's important you choose the best tools to help you become more productive than ever before.

A few months back we had a dream of creating the most advanced editing keyboard for Avid Pro Tools, so we put our heads together and worked with thousands of editors just like you from around the world, to come up with the ultimate backlit editing keyboard.

Now for the first time you can edit faster, reduce eye strain with the world's first and only backlit editing keyboard for Avid Pro Tools. Say hello to the world's first backlit editing keyboard for Avid Pro Tools.

 Funded by fans

From ColdPlay’s producer Rik Simpson, the BBC, Fox Network to thousands of home users, the campaign was backed from users from all over the world. The successful Kickstarter campaign reached over a huge 200% funding goal.

That's why we've developed the brand new range of backlit keyboards, all designed for your editing software.

How many times have you sat in a dark room editing, struggling to see the keyboard, or simply used a poor quality keyboard? We're getting rid of both of those problems today. 

World's first backlit editing keyboard 

Eye strain is a big problem for most computer users and for editors working in a dimly lit room the problem can be much greater. Did you know you can be causing yourself to suffer with eye strain, back pain and neck pain? 

We worked with Optical Express in the UK to ensure we developed a product which would help remove these problems. 

“This innovation should significantly reduce eye strain symptoms. This will ultimately improve efficiency for the user & improve eye health in the long term” said Stephen Hannan, Clinical Services Director of Optical Express.

 Funded by fans

The keyboards are designed to help you edit faster than ever before. No more looking through PDF's to find the shortcuts for Avid Pro Tools. Now you'll have them to hand. You'll be surprised how quickly you can edit.

Editors Keys are used by most of the world's top editing suites, post production houses, recording studios and universities, so it's time for you to improve your computer set up and join the editing revolution.

PLEASE NOTE: We have both a PC version and Mac version available.

MAC Version Notes: The keyboard works out of the box for Mac. F keys act as standard Mac F-Keys. Pro Tools shortcuts on the F-Key row are accessed by holding down FN + F Key. (due to the backlighting we had to add this extra shortcut.) 


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I got my mac Backlit Pro Tools Keyboard yesterday and it seems that the alt and cmd keys are swapped. Any ideas?


By Holger on February 18, 2016

Hey Holger,

Thanks for the email, to run the Keyboard on your Mac, you'll just need the Mac drivers which can be found here:

Hope this helps! (this will change the keys to the correct Mac position and also enable all F key shortcuts.)

i have yours mac backlit keyboard. when i switch it to imac, i dont have option to use all f keys as standard in keyboard / preferences. i cant use f keys ... any suggestion ? thank you petr

By petr on March 15, 2016

Great question. To use your keyboard on a Mac simply download the Mac App from

Is this keyboard compatible with Pro Tools 12?

By Harry on May 19, 2016

Hi Harry

We can confirm this keyboard is fully compatible with Pro Tools 12.

i cant get the fn keys to work with pro tools i have already installed karabiner and run the config app but the fn keys will not operate pro tools just the expose and launch pad work i am in el capitan

By greg on July 7, 2016

Hey - This ticker should help resolve your issues:

Question answered. Its the scroll lock key (w on/off) - ... I received no documentation....

By davidboller on August 16, 2016

Hey David

Please visit for the full instructions for the Backlit Keyboard.

do you make this backlit version in a qwerty for USA Apple MAC for Pro Tools 12.5?

By kurtster on September 9, 2016

Hi Kurtster - We sure do. If you go to the product page and click the option drop down you can now select a Mac only keyboard. I hope this helps.

does the mac keyboard have the usb ports on the sides as most mac keyboards do?

By mixer on October 13, 2016

This keyboard does not feature additional USB ports.

HELLO, can you please tell me what the difference is between the QWERTY UK/EURO Mac only version and the QWERTY USA Mac only version.

By curtis lugay on January 2, 2017

The difference is simply the language variants. So the UK/Euro has the L Shape return key and the USA version has the Horizontal return key. (Also the UK version has the £ currency symbol on the 3)

My f1 and f2 work properly, but the rest of the f key's seem to do other incorrect shortcuts. please help!

By ryan on January 11, 2017

Hi, please try press FN,then the shortcut. Does this work for you?

ive tried everything and cannot make the fn keys (shortcuts ) work for protools except for f1 and f2 jus like the guy above. i just need my shortcuts to work.f4 f5 f6 f7 f8 f9.. ive downloaded the drivers , Isnt there a preset for protools to make this easy.?? I have a USA mac..

By DJ BOBBY B on March 5, 2017

Hi - All you need to do is hold down the FN key then press the F key of your choice.

Hi, I have a question about the PC Backlit keyboard for Pro Tools. Does the backlight actually come through the keys to illuminate the icons or does light only come from behind the keys and outline the keys perimeter?

By SB on April 9, 2017

The keyboard uses a special spread so the entire keyboard is lit up. This helps you to see all elements of the key better and also reduces eye strain.

Does it have a cord? Or is it wireless

By Rick on April 11, 2017

This is a USB Wired keyboard. (The cord is required to power the high powered backlighting.)

Hi guys. I live in Melbourne Australia. Which language should I select?


By matt on June 6, 2017

Hi Matty

The best one would be the US version for Australia, we hope this helps.

Dumb question I know but, can you explain the colour coding on the editorskeys protools keyboard please

By paul webster on July 26, 2017

Hey Paul - Great question. The colour coding basically is a simple tool for grouping similar tools. So for example play functions maybe in yellow, timeline tools in blue and so on. It's a way to help you eyes catch the tools you need very fast.

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There are 1 review(s) for this product.

Love It!!!

By: Lara Mercy on August 25, 2016

I love to work with my lights off when I'm working for hours editing on Pro Tools and this keyboard is perfect for me since I don't have to force my vision on the dark to find the keys on the keyboard!! I highly recommend it!!

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