At the NAB show this year we caught up with Quality Engineer for Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Clip – Peter Garaway. Peter was happily showing countless broadcast enthusiasts the all new features of the software – he took a couple of minutes out of his busy day to chat to us, so without further ado - here’s what we talked about…(My questions are in bold)

 What’s your inspiration for updates?

 “The users – we listen to our customers. When we showcase our products at shows like NAB, we take notes when customers provide feedback and go from there! It’s a rewarding experience to see the evolution of our platform year in, year out and our users play the pivotal role in this process.”

 What are the most significant changes in latest update of Premiere (Version CC  9.2.0)?

 All new file management – the ‘ingest’ setting has been added to the media browser – this allows users to copy straight from camera to the project – all sorts of handy presets available for different codec and proxies’ settings. AME runs in the background whilst you edit in high res.

 New Lumetri Color Engines – Eyedropper added/enhanced for quick white balance and identifying a target colour you wish to change. Premiere then provides quick reference and simple to use color wheels and presets to quickly enhance the colours or looks of certain elements within the scene. 

 VR Support – Marking the first NLE software to offer VR support. You can now import a stitched VR file and edit in a variety of different ways – including the most straightforward ‘click and drag’ pan option.


 Why do you think editors around the world would use Premiere over ay other NLE on the market?  

 The end-to-end experience Adobe has to offer is unparalleled. The software has become the industry standard in a variety of categories – a good example is the Sun Dance Festival editing population went from 5% Premiere user to 70% in recent years. The importance of being cutting edge with the latest technology  (such as VR) – we listen to our customers and constantly update our software accordingly, customers are always being provided for at Adobe.

 And now for the burning question on everyone’s lips…. How important is the keyboard to you guys at Premiere…?

 Keyboard shortcuts are very important. Over the last few years, as Premiere Pro has gained more and more users, we’ve had to focus on giving [new editors] all the shortcuts and tools they need to make sure that they hardly ever touch the mouse.