With all the new features being announced at the Adobe MAX creativity conference this week we thought we’d share some of the top news for each element.

Here we take a look at Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Below are just some of the ‘Whats Next’ features presented at the convention.

Touch Based Editing Workflow

Yes, it’s pretty much what it says on the tin. Users can use gesture based editing for Premiere, After Effects and Character Animation.

Lumitry colour panel which was introduced back in June 2015 has features that users can now access new input luts which have been designed for more advanced editing on Premiere. Featuring the mobile app; Adobe Hue CC where which you can capture, or abstract colour or light as you see it.

Three new standards coming to the world of HD, DNXHR, HEVC (H.265), OPEN EXR.

Also under the media encoder there are many new functions, e.g. time tuner where you can take your edit and time tuner will automatically fit the frames into the time you need.

Loudness normalisation, the new hype where you can automatically set the target loudness and your max true peak level which is essential and something Premiere Pro has thought about.

Real time monitor your loudness, with the ability to have complete control over your sound monitoring.

Live dynamic link where which you can edit in both Premiere and Audition at the same time. Pretty handy!

Official time flow remapping, usually Premiere Pro has frame sampling, but with this new feature you can make your shot flow smoother and give it that organic feel.

Watch the full video presented by Jason Levine; Principal Worldwide Evengelist for Adobe Creative Cloud 

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