So we're happy to announce iPhone 6 can now be used with our SL150 and SL300 USB microphones. Due to Apple increasing their support to iOS 9.2 you can use apps like Garage Band directly from your iPhone!

Using free recording applications such as GarageBand is the best option to start with. You can work your way up to Cubase once you have become more experienced in GarageBand.

Once you have installed your chosen recording software app, it’s a good idea to find the right area in your home. If you have purchased Vocal Booths like the Vocal Booth Home you will be perfect to record from pretty much anywhere in the house. However if you haven’t make sure devices such as loud air conditioning or noisy environments such as being close to the window can affect the finished sound of your recording.

Now you are ready to record, it’s a simple case of locating your microphone in the correct position. Read the Microphone Placement article to help you with getting that perfect placement!

Inserting the cable into your phone connecting your microphone and iPhone, you are almost ready to go!

Check out our range of recording equipment here!