Apple have released updates to the current GarageBand production program, with instruments such as the pipa and erhu. And we have to say it sounds amazing! Just watch the video below of Apple CEO Tim Cook take on Singaporean artist JJ Lin using the new features.

Apple have constantly been pursuing its interests in the Asian market, and this is just an example of how fast the interest is going. Not only have new traditional Chinese instruments been added but also loops. The instruments consist of the four stringed pipa, the two stringed bowed erhu and a set of Chinese percussion, as well as loops made with the dizo, yangqin and guzheng Users can access different expressions to the instruments as well as note bend and have rapid picking for the pipa. Audio producers can also add trill, grace note and glissando to the erhu.

Those who have the Apple iPhone 6S can also make use of the 3D Touch technology for extra control over sounds made by each instrument. Templates based on the modern and traditional Chinese sound have been added to GarageBand’s recent Live Loop feature, which is a grid based sampler that offers the influence of drum machines and DJ controllers to the app.

Going back to the fact that Apple are trying to come closer to their Asian demographic, the updates have been added to sharing options for two of the most popular Asian social networks, QQ and Youku.

Good news for existing GarageBand users, the updates are free, new users can purchase them for £3.99/$4.99 at the App Store. Those living outside of China will come across the new instruments by default on the OS X version however iOS users will need to activate them in the app’s advanced settings menu.