With the launch of the new macOS Sierra, it’s time to breakdown the highlights of the new operating system.


macOS Sierra now features Siri

Yes, Siri is now fully part of the family on your desktop, and it appears she can do great things. As her voice stays the same and works in a very similar way to the iOS version. To activate Siri, you simply use a keyboard command * Cmd + Space* or by clicking her icon on the dock then speaking your query! Your usual things such as landmarks,weather, news etc all work as normal, and you can pin results from stocks to sports to the notification panel. The thing that has really stood out is the new trick with desktop Siri when searching files, which can be done by type, by date or by keyword. An example of how this works is if you speak out a word like *analysis* and all files from the last two weeks with that word within it are presented. Very handy indeed if you like keeping organised!

Apple Pay

Both macOS and iOs 10 include a new feature which is Apple Pay. This allows users to make purchased on the web using Safari, this is a great alternative for Apple users who may not want to use services like PayPal. To access Apple Pay for the web, it requires an iPhone with Touch ID and Apple Pay support or an Apple Watch as payments need to be authenticated through the phone or watch.

Apple Watch Unlock

For those of you lucky enough to own an Apple Watch, you can now use your watch to unlock your Mac. You will need to be running MacOS and the watch also running WatchOS 3. Also, both devices will be required to be signed into the same Apple ID. Whilst all of this sounds great, there is a fair bit of setting up to do, including a two-factor authentication through a security page located in the Mac’s system settings. The Apple Watch will also need to have a passcode set. This feature appears to be the most long winded but once set up it works as advertised, so is well worth it.

Universal Clipboard

This particular feature allows users to share a clipboard from a Mac and an iPhone. For example, if you copy a URL from Safari on your iPhone, and then paste it into the address bar on the web browser on your Mac. Very simple to work but remember both devices need to be signed into the same iCloud account, have Bluetooth on and be near one another. More features include picture in picture, messenger on iOS being bigger and better and tabs for additional apps such as Maps which work pretty much the same as they do in Safari anyway.

So now let's move on to an issue that may affect you. Dropbox.

Yes if you just upgraded to macOS Sierra and your Dropbox app is playing up you are not alone. With the most recent version of the app, some are experiencing strange behaviour, including error messages, confusing syncing icons and much more. To avoid all of these follow these simple steps below Update to the latest version of Dropbox Move Dropbox back to its default location *not Desktop or Documents folder* Disable iCloud notifications on your computer by opening Finder, click Applications, select iCloud > Settings and navigate to the Advanced menu. You can still use both Dropbox and iCloud to sync your files, but as Dropbox have started using both may lead to issues like the above. Dropbox currently doesn’t support a configuration where both iCloud and Dropbox can sync the same files. Learn more about these compatibility issues between iCLoud and Dropbox here.

You can learn more about the compatibility issues between Dropbox and iCloud here