Avid Nexis

 The good folks at Avid have made some exciting announcements at this year's NAB show, Avid Nexis has been a focal point for editors of all persuasions, as the 'World's First Software-Defined Storage Platform For Media' was unveiled. 

 Ranging from a gratuitous 20 TB to 60 TB, the ‘intelligent’ storage platform uses file management systems primarily designed with the Avid collection in mind, but the likes of Sony Vegas, Edius, FCPX and Premiere Pro are supported too.

From their press release:

The bottom line is that NEXIS delivers unrivaled flexibility, scalability, control, and extensibility… From the smallest production teams to the largest media enterprises, NEXIS is the only storage platform that has the flexibility to easily scale and grow with you at every stage of your business.

 In a world where the demand for process hungry footage, plug-ins and collaboration is paramount, speed and reliability are two big things to get right. With the Nexis, it looks like they’ve done just that. 

 Avid Nexus - 'Intelligent Media Storage'

Pro Tools

Being the way bearer for the DAW community, Avid consistently deliver on innovation with every update Pro Tools receives. 

This year has seen the cementation of Avid's cloud technology in the form of the all-new collaboration tools, which can be used within Pro Tools when working on a project together with fellow users, or maybe the client you are working for. Tracks can be selected as 'shared,' which allows collaborators to download everything involved in the particular track. The Chat panel makes discussion of the project a lot easier and any tweaks to the track then become very quickly applied using a meta-data interchange.

With this in mind they have added features to help the process become fluid and essentially interchangeable between different user's systems. Namely the 'Track Freeze' function enables the track to be frozen with its corresponding effects or plug-ins, which essentially means it can be picked up and un-frozen by another user as needed. Similarly 'Commit' renders all processing to the track, so the memory required for the plug-in is no longer needed. 

Additionally a few spruced up tools have appeared, such as advanced VU metering and a more precise clip movement graphic.

Full details here.