Here are some great handy shortcuts to help you when editing on Cubase! 

Love Cubase? Work on a Mac? Check out the Apple Dedicated shortcut keyboard for Cubase here

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Tool Command
Adjust Fades To Range A
Crossfade X
Open Panel F6
Write Automation for for All Tracks On/Off Alt W
Virtual Keyboard Alt K
VST Instruments F11
Auto Grid Shift Q
Find Selected in Pool Cmd F
Read Automation for All Tracks Alt R
Mix Console F3
Video F8
VST Connections F4
VST Performance F12


Tool Command
Auto Scroll On/Off F
Copy Cmd C
Cut Cmd X
Cut Time Cmd Shift X
Delete Delete
Duplicate Cmd D
Edit in Place Cmd Shift I
Group Cmd G
Insert Silence Cmd Shift E
Left Selection side to Cursor E
Lock Cmd Shift L
Move To Cursor Cmd L
Move To Front U
Mute M
Mute Events Shift M
Mute/Unmute Objects Alt M
Open Default Editor Cmd E
Open Score Editor Cmd R
Open/Close Editor Enter
Paste Cmd V
Paste at Origin Alt V
Paste Time Cmd Shift V
Record Enable R
Redo Cmd Shift Z