DavidB is the RnB/Inspirational/Gospel singer from Manchester who Editors Keys have had the pleasure of working with.

Real name, David Oluwaferanmi Balogun is a 26 year old who’s voice has been described to as chocolate and after listening to him ourselves, we couldn’t agree more!

The social media fan base is going strong for the Nigerian born singer, and it is no surprise, the guy is mega talented! Sold out shows and a MOBO nomination under his belt, it’s clear to see DavidB is going places! The very polite singer agreed to answer some questions for us, here he shares with us his passion for what he does and why he does it!

Hi David, so let's begin with you taking us back to how long you have been performing for?
Well I’ve been performing since around 7 years of age, in terms of my writing and artistry, I’d say around 10 years.

Who are your biggest musical inspirations?
My favourite artist of all time is an incredible artist called Brandy, I get so passionate about her music and then even beyond that, I love the way she comes across on the screen. I see myself in her, as corny as that sounds!

What are your thoughts on the current music scene and popular talent shows like The Voice and X Factor?
Well my take on TV talent competitions is that the viewership is amazing. I would advise anyone to go on there for the followers and fans you can get. And you know I think it is down to the artist really, would I do a talent show? Absolutely yes!

What inspires you to write and create music?
I have a lot of voice notes on my phones, I did try to write on the spot but it just didn’t happen. I can go 5 months without anything and then *boom* It is usually when I’m doing something and I get a melody or a line, or a concept that I find quite interesting, it can be friends experiences, my experiences, or just things that are going on in the world.

Do you cite any poet's or songwriters as influences for you?
Well I have favourite songwriters definitely, I really like James Fauntleroy who is someone who is a great RnB songwriter. He's worked with the likes of Chris Brown, Jordin Sparks. He actually wrote the hit No Air for Jordin Sparks.

How did you find your band members? Are they friends or fellow musicians you jam with?
Yes they are groups of friends, or people that my friends have introduced me to through music.

So what's next for DavidB? Could you tell me what this year holds for you?
I have an EP out which I released last year in June, and that’s called Care About the Journey. The title track of that album is the video in which I’m shooting at the moment. It's really exciting! I also want to do a lot of covers, I was in Nigeria for a month recently because that’s where I’m from and I had the opportunity to do shows and be on radio and there was a great buzz around.

Are you quite well known in Nigeria then?
Oh no! I grew up most of my life in the UK but it's definitely on the cards!

So the big question, in 10 years time where would you like to see yourself?
O gosh! Erm, having a Grammy, a Brit, a collaboration with Brandy! (He laughs) This isn’t realistic, but you never know! Having sell out shows, and I would love to do workshops and share my story and help upcoming artists on their journey.

Obviously you have a great following on social media networks, do you find social media really helps with all your videos?
Definitely, you know back in the day to be an artist you had to be signed to a major label. Now you have access to all of your fans via Twitter , Facebook and Instagram, so to be able to think of an idea and share it, it's great as there’s no sort of filter, it can go straight from the artist straight to the consumer and straight to the fans and that’s the beauty of it.

Could you tell me what meaning of the song is?
It’s about my faith and just wanting to be dedicated to it. It’s one thing to say you believe in something and it’s another thing to actually follow that thing, so I think that song cuts across different things and for the things that mean so much to me I want to be fully committed to them. Totally sold out, and not just half here and half there.

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