When did you realise music was what you wanted to do?

Age 14, when I discovered Logic (emagic made it at that time) and my friend showed me how to record my music, so I didn't have to be good a music theory and write it on paper and then find people to play it. Music tech liberated me and inspired me to want to become a producer.

Do you feel heavily influenced by your Anglo/Czech roots?

Yes for sure. I grew up with an understanding for East/West parts of Europe, and that there are many differences between my English father and Czech mother. Both taught me many beautiful things about how they lived during the cold war. I like Berlin because it is in-between both cultures, for me it feel like home here now.

Who/what inspires you?

I am often inspired by what I cannot find in the world around me, and seek to create it for myself.

What genre would you describe your music as?

I don't care for genre.

Who are your favourite artists dead or alive?

Beethoven, Queens of The Stonage, Lana Del Ray, Element of Crime, Animals As Leaders, Thom York, Mahler, Bruckner, Eomac, The Black Dog, Mala, Pinch, Hank Shocklee, Mark Ernestus, DJ Pete, Augustas Pablo, Nick Höppner, Bettina Rheims, Rothko, Calder, Jiří Klobouk, Stephan Schmidt, Simone de Beauvoir, Michaela Srumova, Maria Callas.

If you could work with any artist who would they be and why?

Mala. Because I love him.

How would you describe your music in 3 words?

European. Independent. Deep.

Can you explain a little bit more about the Kickstarter campaign?

When I started my career again, a year ago, I set up Emika Records. I was just another artist kicking it in Berlin. I felt so free. A few years before when I recorded my strings piece 'Dem Worlds' in Prague, I met the beautiful soprano Michaela Srumova and she become my first serious muse. I wanted to compose music for her. I felt she deserved to sing beautiful original fresh music, she embodies my music in such a touching way, I feel complete when she sings. So when I was setting up my new business and feeling like anything was possible, I decided one afternoon: I am going to write a symphony for Michaela. And that's when it happened, the plan to compose the thing that scared me the most: a full scale orchestra piece for 70 players and soprano. This creative process was totally mental, I was working in such a new way, with some very serious musicians, and new technology from Roli and Ableton and East West. I was discovering so many things along the way which surprised me, many people were involved in this, including my music teacher from school who helped me put the score together, and my friend Radek who will book the orchestra. Radek took me to visit many studios in Prague, and visiting these different sounding spaces, inspired my composition process. I decided I would document my production work and share it with my audience. It is the first time for us both, switching from electronic to my first orchestra piece. Doing a Kickstarter, just feels right. To trust my audience and to do my best to present them something interesting and something I love so dearly. The orchestra is incredible. It has gone through years of sound design and developments. I just don't always like the diddle di di classical music. The orchestra can be anything - not only classical. As a producer, I want to offer people the sound of the orchestra, in all its glory and power, but give them classic Emika.

Do you have a particular process when you produce your work?

Make lots of shit. Start again each day. Feel like I can't mix. Drink too much coffee. Torture myself with ambition. Collapse. Get drunk. Stand up. Hang over. Finish the album.

Is your image important to you and why?

My image is important, only because it supports my music work. If you care about how your present yourself, that comes through. In my studio I never get dressed, I don't care about anything. I am a studio tramp. But when I am presenting my work to the world, this requires great attention to detail and direction.

What would you like to see change in the music industry?

Less management. More art.

How important is social media for you?

Very! :) It is so beautiful, to be able to talk and connect and share. I love it. It is one of the greatest achievements of our time.

What’s next for Emika?

That's top secret for now.

A new prize has been added to Emika’s Kickstarter campaign, where which Emika will compose and record one of her Klavirni piano pieces. Each pledger will receive a unique and different piece. The recordings will be sent a WAV and MP3 download with JPEG cover art and wallpaper. Each piece will be dedicated to the backer by including their name in the title. Perfect a Christmas gift for music lovers.


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