Read all about how to make animated charts in Keynote for Final Cut Pro X projects. Courtesy of 9to5Mac.


How to make animated charts in Keynote for Final Cut Pro X projects

Step 1: Open Keynote and go to File → New.

Step 2: Under Choose a Theme select Wide and double-click a theme.

Step 3: Click View → Zoom → Fit in window.

 Step 4: Delete any text boxes, text, or other pre-filled assets.

Step 5: Drag a desired background image from the desktop onto the canvas, and resize it so that it fills the entire canvas.

Step 6: Click the Chart button → 3D and click to select a 3D chart that you’d like to feature.

Step 7: Once your chart appears on the canvas, select the chart and click the Edit Chart Data button.

Step 8: Use the spreadsheet to add the needed data points to make your chart paint the desired picture. I like to copy and paste data from Numbers, especially if you have a lot of data to present.

Step 9: Use the Inspector to edit the look and feel of the chart, change fonts, colors, rotation, shadow, 3D depth, etc.

Step 10: Click View → Inspector → Animate.

Step 11: Click Add an Effect under the Build In section in the Inspector.

Step 12: Select the 3D Grow effect. Change the duration to 3 seconds, and the Delivery to Cascade. Click the Preview button to see a preview of your animated chart.

Step 13: If satisfied with the look of your animated chart, click File → Export To → Quicktime.

Step 14: For Format select 1080p, click Next, give your video a name, and click Export.

Step 15: Insert the exported video file, which contains your animated chart, into your Final Cut Pro project.

See the video below to help you