Finally, the Pixel smartphone is now available, and those of you who love Android are going to be quite happy! Some are going as far as saying it is the best Android smartphone you can buy and even better than the iPhone 7!!?!

If you have an iPhone for the below reasons



Facebook Messenger?

Google Maps?


Well, if yes then the Pixel may be just the thing for you too. Looking very similar to the iPhone 7, the Pixel comes in 2 sizes. That of the Pixel and Pixel XL which is 5 inches bigger than the Pixel. This is the first time ever that Google will control itself surrounding the hardware and the software. Exactly like Apple. This could be just what we’d like to call the Android iPhone with a headphone jack and privacy concerns.

So the question is, why is Google all of a sudden going into serious competition with that of the iPhone? Perhaps because that competition is now over. With the Pixel, Google can now offer those who have iPhones but primarily work in a Google world to switch to Pixel, Even though Google still needs to prove why we should trust them with so much important information, the Pixel is winning over many of those who would normally choose an iPhone over Android.

The one thing many are raving about is the fantastic best ever smartphone camera. The display the Pixel has makes your photos look even better, colours are more vibrant, blacks are deeper and the higher pixel density makes it all so sharp. Performing better in low light situations, in comparison with other excellent cameras such as Samsung Galaxy S7, and iPhone 7.

Unlimited cloud storage you say? Yes, that is indeed correct. The Pixel comes with unlimited cloud storage, so you never have to stop clicking away. Even the iPhone and its second lens don't beat the Pixel camera. Battery life is one thing we always want to be improved and with the Pixel XL, you can make it through the day without a glitch. The smaller Pixel struggled a little, but it still won on fast charging. With a USB-C wall charger, the Pixel can go from 0 to 100% in 1.5 hours. An hour faster than an iPhone 7.

The reason Google made its own phone is clear with the amazing software it has to offer. Fast and fluid, a dream for Google app users. All of your most used apps stay on your home page whilst the rest are kept in the app drawer. You swipe down for notifications and swipe left to right to see a daily digest. With Pixel, Google uses your searches, location and calendar to predict what information you would like next. Pixel also has the very helpful Google Assistant where which you say “Ok Google” or hold down the home button. A bit like Siri but smarter. The Assistant will also ask you follow-up questions if necessary and has been a lot more precise and faster than Siri. The Assitant is fantastic but is prepared to let Google be a bit nosey.

During your setup, Assistant will want to access your entire location history.Following on Google will create a private map of where you go, to offer protection and improved search results.

In terms of updates, Google has promised that Pixel Phones will up to date with updates, even those sold by resellers. In terms of customer service, there is a 24-hour chat and phone support. The tricky thing is having all your friends and family who have iPhones and communicate via iMessage. This is something that will be a bit of an emotional farewell once you start using the Pixel.

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