If you find yourself just finishing that last edit and ooops your glass of water accidentally falls slap bang on to your laptop, well no fear, take these steps below!

First things first, unplug your immediately. Remove all leads including the AC adapter and the battery. Turn your laptop upside down, doing this will get any excess liquid to fall out.

Using a lint free cloth, dab away the water as carefully as possible. If it is a sugary drink that you have spilt, rinse the lint free cloth to try and dab away the sugary residue. If you are feeling DIY, you can unscrew the laptop to try and take it apart to clean more in depth, as some spills can damage the circuit board.

Try to remove all memory cards and disks if possible. If cola or lemonade or any other sugary drinks have been spilt over the keyboard, using a deionized water will work with water soluble like such as drinks like the above. Deionized water will also not cause electrical shorts like normal tap water.

The best method it let it dry naturally If you feel the laptop has still got liquid damage you can try to clean it with a solvent solution, however always use gloves and make sure the room has a window due to most solvents being alcohol based, this can cause some to feel sick.

You may also use flux remover which you can purchase from most hardware store across the country. When purchasing solutions to clean your laptop with, always opt with alcohol based ones, avoid gasoline or acetone as plastic will dissolve in association with these solutions.

Dry your laptop thoroughly, the best method is to let it dry naturally near a radiator or somewhere warm in the room. Let at least 12 hours for the laptop to dry, leaving it nearby a dehumidifier also helps dry out the laptop. DO NOT use a hairdryer as this will increase static issues and leave contamination within your laptop. 

Once you think the laptop is safe to put back together, try to reassemble the laptop as carefully as possible. If all else fails and there is still no working power coming from the laptop, contacting customer service will be the best option.


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