Apple’s music software Logic Pro X has updated, and by no means is it a small update! Logic 10.2 now features software synthesizer Alchemy. Proving to be able to do a little bit of everything, from creating sounds using samples to multiple types of synthesis, it seems Alchemy is a very good choice to add to Logic Pro X.

Apple purchased the popular music plug-in and effect maker Camel Audio which is largely known for it’s Alchemy software. The powerful audio tools have now also been built into Apple’s own music software, Logic Pro X and MainStage 3. Updates for them are now available. Cleverly Alchemy can move between various sounds that can make performing with the instrument as personal as swiping your finger across the screen of a tablet. A range of different sounds or parameters can be placed across 8 different sections of what Applie is stating as the “transform pad.” With it’s simple grid, the user can drag their cursor across the segments, the sound mixes and morphs fluidly, which allows a much more experimental experience and more playable. Forget fiddling with a load of virtual knobs, although users can still use that form of granularity too.

Logic Pro X 

Logic Pro users will be able to explore many features, and a bonus is that Alchemy comes with over 3,000 presets. Features also include up to four synth modules to create complex multi-layered sounds. A virtual analog oscillators which produce authentic recreations of iconic synth sounds. A wide selection of modeled analog and special effect filters for producing sounds with vintage character and tonal complexity. The ability to create animated and dynamic instruments using over 100 sources which include flexible LFO’s, AHDSR & MSEG envelopes and step sequencers. Even though Alchemy was no longer available for purchase when Camel Audio shut shop in January this year, there was a simple streamlined version did make an appearance in the most recent GarageBand update.

Even though it was not under the name Alchemy, the update did have the same features which included the segmented transform pad. GarageBand also added the ability to share songs directly with Apple Music Connect, another feature that will be coming to Logic. Along side the same update to MainStage which allows it’s users to play Logic’s software instruments in a real time performance oriented setting. It seems Logic could now be seen upon as an all in one creation studio, spreading across recording, performing and distributing music. If you are a Logic Pro X user, one thing you may want to consider when updating is the hefty size of GB which is 14GB predominantly additional sample, so make sure you have plenty of disc space!


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