The Microsoft event was full of surprises yesterday but one thing that really stood out was the Microsoft Band 2. If you are a health fanatic or just want to get a little bit fitter before Christmas, then this product is the one for you! Reaching your health goals is one thing, but having the features to aid tracking your heart rate, exercise and calorie burn and sleep quality! Not only that, but the fantastic ability to keep productive with keeping up to date with emails, text and calendar alerts. Pretty impressive, and it's all accessible from your wrist!

So the 3 main elements of the Fitness Band 2 are :

Live Healthier

The fitness band give you the ability to view your data regarding step counts, workouts and your sleep quality! By using the mobile app and web dashboard you can see clear and concise charts to help you get to know your current fitness level, and discover changes that you have made. In addition to this you can understand more about your overall fitness as you can track your heart rate 24 hours a day. Keeping an eye on your heart rate zones, by looking at your maximum heart rate during exercise to your resting heart rate during your previous night's sleep.

Get Fit

Tracking your heart rate and calorie intake is one thing but being able to use the band to assist you when doing activities such as golf or biking is another. If you're a keen golfer you will love the band as it uses its GPS to detect which hole you’re playing and provides distance to the front, back and centre of the green. Also if you love biking, the band gives tailored insights. tracks speed, distance and heart rate and personal bests.

Be Productive

Whether it’s checking your emails, keeping up to date with calendar dates and paying for your Starbucks, the productive element of the fitness band is very handy. Some may question whether you will need to keep your smartphone glued to you 24/7 as the fitness band can do pretty much 80% of what your phone does. Seeing incoming calls and being able to send instant txt’s e.g. “I’ll call you later”, and by being able to sync the band up to your smartphone it’s ticking all the boxes. With the ability to check on your Facebook and Twitter and the weather the fitness band is going to go down a treat!

So how much are we talking?

Well you can pre order the band here, the £199.99 price tag seems relatively fair considering the range of handy features it has.

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