We heard through the grapevine that some exciting news will be announced at the NAB, here’s what Canon Senior Advisor of Film and TV Production Tim Smith said: “We will be showing not only our existing product line, with a few surprises, but we will also be showing working 8K cameras and 8K displays that look into the future of production. I think you will be seeing some low-cost, high-quality offerings that open up many possibilities for both big and small-budget productions. - NAB HUB

The rumours are that because of the recent drop in price of the Canon C500, the new C500 Mark II may be the new 8K Tim is referring to.

Blackmagic Design

The President of Blackmagic Design, Dan May expressed his thoughts on the increase in demand of 4K and UHD products: With online channels, such as YouTube, Vimeo and Netflix, already delivering 4K content and only growing from there, we are seeing an increase in demand for 4K and UltraHD products and technologies. By investing in scalable, affordable products, as well as the right infrastructure with technologies such as 6G-SDI, 12G-SDI, Thunderbolt 2 and optical fiber, customers can prepare themselves for the future of broadcasting. These interfaces are high bandwidth and essential elements for creating the proper infrastructure to stream content at higher resolutions, regardless of the viewer’s display. We also know that quality matters regardless of screen resolution, and noise or impurities create unnecessary processing by the codecs creating the streaming signals. – NAB HUB Many have been excited about the hotly anticipated 4.6K which has recently started shipping last week after months of delays. Therefore it is not known yet what Blackmagic will showcase in their booth, but there have been speculation that a new Pocket Cinema Camera and a BMD colour grading monitor for DaVinci Resolve is on the horizon.


Deon LeCointe the Product Manager for Sony Electronics seemed extremely enthusiastic as he announced that there will be plenty of camera updates. Sony at the moment seems to be at the forefront of the mirrorless and broadcast camera markets!

"At NAB Show 2016, Sony will announce new models and updates to its full line of professional A/V technologies for HD and 4K production at all levels, ranging from camcorders, cameras, switchers and displays for sports, live production, events and more. We will showcase current applications, technology strengths, and highlight topics ranging from imaging and 4K/IP transmission to Storage/Optical Disc Archive and Display/HDR. At the show, Sony will also debut their newest Ultra HFR camera, building on the success of the HDC-4300 and other popular studio camera systems. This new camera will offer up to 8x high frame rate in 4K and integrate well with the existing lineup." – NAB HUB

Virtual Reality

This year, virtual reality will be a huge part of NAB 2016 and we cannot wait! Having numerous presentations for example NHK and the use of UHD 8K for VR to Kaleidoscope Virtual Reality Showcases!


Last year we got excited about this particular area of NAB, but this year it’s looking like it’s going to be a goodun again! From Drone Pavilion to Aerial Robotics, you will be able to catch a test flight to learn about getting your FAA Section 333 for commercial video use! We’re excited