How long have you been singing and performing for?

I started singing when I was a teenager. But I just did it for fun when I was home alone. My cat and my dog were my audience. After a bunch of years when my graduation was approaching I began to be thoughtful about my future and what I want to do with my life. I wasn’t able to decide it back then, so I tried to focus on what I enjoy doing: singing. I created my first channel on YouTube in 2012. I was really insecure about everything so after a while I deleted it again. 2013 same procedure. I created a channel and after a few covers I deleted it. Then I told my parents, that I wanna be a singer in the future and the whole thing got more and more relevant. My parents supported me right away. I started an acoustic-cover-band with my brother, he played guitar and I sang, and we played a few tiny gigs in our tiny district in Germany. In march 2014 I created a name for all of my social media pages, thatoddchit, and I started uploading covers on YouTube.

How important is social media for your work?

Social media is really important. These days they are the key to communication, connection and recognition. Without YouTube I wouldn’t be able to share my covers with the world. On Twitter I like to share my thoughts about life, other people’s music and movies.

Is singing your full time job? Would you mind telling Editors Keys a little bit more about yourself?

Last year I moved to Berlin because a good friend of mine lives there & I started a degree course. It wasn’t the right thing for me. So I decided to move back to my home town. I really missed my pets a lot. Now I have them back. After a while I made the decision to give college one last chance. I’m gonna be a philosophy-student in two weeks. I’m pretty afraid and excited at the same time. It’s a mixture of salt and sugar. A bit too salty to be honest.. we’ll see about that. Creating covers for YouTube is my hobby. Becoming a confident and pure artist is one of my biggest whishes. After such a long time, I’m 21 now, I still don’t really know who I am. Who does, right. I have a vision of my future-me in my head, but right now it seems really tough to reach it. I will use the next months to write own lyrics again. I did it once, but stopped after a while, because somehow I got nothing to tell. When I should become an official artist in the future, I want to sing about stuff that truly concerns me - at least partly.

Do you play musical instruments?

A bit guitar and keyboard, but not really good. My main instrument is my voice, but I wouldn’t say no to piano lessons in the future.

What is the musical scene like in Germany?

Do you find it easy to be recognised for your work? As I said social media is really important for people who want to do music without any professional contacts. Right now I’m at the beginning of my musical journey and it’s not easy to be recognized. You need a bit of luck and you have to be passionate and patient at the same time. Tough mixture. I really enjoy creating my covers at the moment. Last year I started with guitar and now I’m using Garageband to create the whole musical arrangement for my covers.

The name Thatoddchit...what does this mean and how did it come about?

Back then when I was thinking about a name for my social media pages I did a little brainstorming. I wanted to create a pseudonym, because I wasn’t ready for an artist name I could identify with. I remember an episode of Pretty little Liars when the character Toby was visiting that one senile shrink who once worked in Radley for the insiders. This guy was saying the words "that blonde girl“ at the end of the conversation. These words stuck in my head and I wanted to create something similar. I was searching for alternative words for "girl“ in an internet dictionairy and I found "chit“. That the pronunciation of the word sounds like "shit“ made the whole thing more amusing and it just signify the development of my selfperception. We’re all a bit self-critical, right. Then I was searching for an adjective in the middle and who the hell does not think that the self is strange sometimes. Result: that odd chit - I just like the way you say these words together. It sorta feels great on my tongue.

Do you enjoy recording from the comfort of your own home or do you like going to a professional recording studio?

I already collected a few experiences in a recording studio. It was interesting & exciting, but I still need to get used to it. It was of course a huge difference to my „recording sessions“ at home. You need to get out of your comfort zone if you wanna be part of the human community. And if you also want to reach people with your music, you totally need to get out of it. - I’m optimistic. Human being’s have the (in my opinion most precious) ability to get used to stuff. But never stop developing - that’s important !! You always need some room for improvement, otherwise it will get boring. How did you find out about the Studio Series microphones? I was searching for a good mic and I watched a few reviews and found the brand Editors Keys. The SL150 mic was my choice. I like the color, the whole design and the price did fit. And an important point for my german-me: it was available on ebay, yay !!

What are your future plans for your singing career?

As I said, I really need to figure out who I am first. The human life is so massive. It's really tough to focus and find a way. Singing kinda helps me to smooth it and that shows me how important it is for me. I refuse to make plans to be honest. I hate to live life as if you work through a list. I appreciate the randomness of life. I rather tend to make wishes. Either it will come true or not, but that doesn’t mean that you can drift through the atmosphere and laze around. I’ve already tried it - didn’t work - trust me. My wish for my singing career: I wanna be a recognized artist, confident, genuine and pure. & I truly want to feel it. I wanna do a lot of collaborations with other artists and someday I wanna go on tour. And then again and again & again. I think performing could be my thing. I don’t really wish for the winning or the huge success. That’d be a great side effect of course. - As long as I’m satisfied and happy, it’s alright. I really like a quote from Christopher Lasch that I found on twitter yesterday: „It’s not about winning. It’s the enjoyment of doing it - it gets your brain going.“

Who are your main inspirations?

I take most of my inspiration from movies. I rewatched a few of my favorite ones in the last weeks that inspired me so much that I’m motivated to write again. Thanks to Donnie Darko, Good Will Hunting, A Beautiful Mind, Lost in Translation, Requiem for a Dream and The Breakfast Club. Apart from that I get inspired by a lot of artist. It’s brilliant how our modern era affects music.

Favourite artist currently?

A few of my current favorite artists are Chvrches, Lana Del Rey, Florence + the Machine and XYLØ. I’m hella excited about the upcoming stuff of Bastille & Ellie Goulding.

A singer or band you would like to record with dead or alive?

Michael Jackson

3 songs you couldn’t live without?

Wire to Wire - Razorlight

Bitter Sweet Symphony -The Verve

Son of Man - Phil Collins

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