If you love Photoshop and you're looking to learn the Photoshop Keyboard shortcuts, you've come to the right place. Below you'll find some handy and fast retouching keyboard shortcut tools, so you can transform something not so good looking .. into something amazing looking! Genius right?!

Learning how to use Photoshop is hard enough, but we formed some fast and easy shortcuts for you to take on board!

Take a look :)

Remember if you want to get your hands on a shortcut editing keyboard; Apple layout, for Photoshop click here!

And now we have the upgraded PC backlit version here


Tool Shortcuts Mac PC
Move Tool V V
Rectangular Marquee Tool M M
Eliptical Marquee Tool M M
Lasso Tool L L
Polygonal Lasso Tool L L
Magnetic Lasso Tool L L
Magic Wand Tool W W
Quick Selection Tool W W
Crop Tool C C
Slice Tool C C
Slice Select Tool C C
Eyedropper Tool I I
Colour Sampler Tool I I
Ruler Tool I I
Note Tool I I
Count Tool I I
Spot Healing Tool J J
Healing Brush Tool J J
Patch Tool J J
Red Eye Tool J J
Brush Tool B B
Pencil Tool B B
Colour Replacement Tool B B
Mixer Brush Tool B B
Clone Stamp Tool S S
Tool Shortcuts Mac PC
History Brush Tool Y Y
Art History Brush Tool Y Y
Eraser Tool E E
Background Eraser Tool E E
Magic Eraser Tool E E
Gradient Tool G G
Paint Bucket Tool G G
Dodge Tool O O
Burn Tool O O
Sponge Tool O O
Pen Tool P P
Freeform Pen Tool P P
Horizontal Type Mask Tool T T
Vertical Type Mask Tool T T
Path Selection Tool A A
Direct Selection Tool A A
Rectangle Tool U U
Rounded rectangle Tool U U
Ellipse Tool U U
Polygon Tool U U
Line Tool U U
Custom Shape Tool U U
Tool Shortcuts Mac PC
3D Object Rotate Tool K K
3D Object Roll Tool K K
3D Object Pan Tool K K
3D Object Slide Tool K K
3D Object Scale Tool K K
3D Camera Rotate Tool N N
3D Camera Roll Tool N N
3D Camera Pan Tool N N
3D Camera Walk Tool N N
3D Camera Zoom Tool N N
Hand Tool H H
Rotate View Tool R R
Zoom Tool Z Z


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