Editors Keys; the shortcut editing equipment company have released their first ever Presonus Studio One shortcut cover skin designed to fit all MacBook Pro and iMac wireless keyboards.

The cover was overseen some by the Presonus Team to ensure the cover works accurately with the latest versions of Presonus Studio One 3. Presonus Studio One is one of the leading audio editing softwares in the world, used by prolific audio producers.

Presonus Studio One iMac Skin 

Editors Keys decided to create the cover to meet high demands from customers who use Presonus shortcuts regularly but choose not to replace their keyboards completely.

The covers which are silicone based offer protection against bacteria, dust, dirt and spills, allowing users to edit up to 40% faster by displaying the Presonus Studio One program shortcuts. The covers can be easily cleaned with water and dry within seconds. Users can compose, arrange and publish material quicker with over 70 shortcuts available. The keys are all colour coded which makes finding new tools much easier.

Presonus Studio One MacBook Pro Skin 

The covers can be purchased on the Editors Keys website www.editorskeys.com retailing at £27.99