Vicetone are a DJ and production duo formed by Ruben Den Boer and Victor Pool who come from the Dutch city of Groningen. They recently shot to fame, being voted in DJ Mag as one of the Top 100 DJ's worldwide and it's easy to see why.

They've had over 50 million listens through SoundCloud alone and are now touring the world. 

We recently caught up with Vicetone after they grabbed one of our Ableton Live Backlit Keyboards to help with their music production.

When was Vicetone born?
Back in 2012 we made our first few tracks. It was only after 5 or so tracks that we decided on our name, and it took a while to decide too!

How did you guys meet?
We met when we both went to the same high school and had a lot of classes together, back when we were around 15 years old. We always used to listen to the same type of music since we were teenagers.


What made you realise making music was what you wanted to do for a living?
Dance music has been a big part of our lives since we were quite young, it was on the big radio stations in Holland for a long time already so we practically grew up with it. Hearing all these songs made us really curious to how these were made, so we just jumped into it and see what would come out. We've also been going to dance festivals together since the age of 16 and those were events we would look forward to for months! It was very natural for us to start producing music.

What genre would you define your music?
Melodic dance music.

Who are your favourite artists currently? And who inspires you?
We get inspired by a lot of artists, lately we've been listening to a lot of old 90's and 2000's tracks. It's good to take a few steps away from the current hype sometimes just to have a fresh mind again about the music.

What are the next plans for Vicetone?
We have a lot of exciting projects coming out in the next few months. Apart from the music we're doing an Asia tour starting next week that were really excited about, where we're playing in places like Hong Kong, Tokyo, Bali, Bangkok and more. And we have some surprises coming for our fans, but we can't tell you guys much about it yet!

Vicetone together 

The best moment of your career so far?
Moving to LA and building our bown studios there fromrand new scratch. This has been a huge step for our music and a big personal step as well.

How are you finding your new Ableton Live Backlit Keyboard?
They are truly great! We love the feel of the keys and having all those shortcuts at our fingertips improves our workflow. It's very handy to have the program shortcuts laid out right in front of you at all times. It definitely didn't disappoint and we'd recommend it to every professional producer who spends most time using the same program.

How important is the editing process for your audio production?
It is extremely important, not only because we spend so many hours in the studio, working on music but it also helps to motivate in a way. If you feel creative and working on some track ideas, the last thing you want is the technology to hold you back, with a fast workflow/editing process it is a lot more productive and fun to work on our productions.

One last question, where will Vicetone be in the next 5 years?
We have yet to discover a lot of places in the world, there are fans that message us to come visit their country because we haven't yet and that's something we really want to focus on in the next few years. Also music wise we want to keep on progressing our sound and find ways to release more unique and creative music. We have a ton of tracks and ideas lying around that we can't wait for the world to hear!

We can't wait to hear more from them in the future but for now check out their pics and videos below!


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