The Portable Vocal Booth ‘Flex’ Edition

Let’s kick things off with what we like to call the ‘traveller's companion.’ The Portable Vocal Booth Flex does more or less everything it says on the tin, it’s highly portable - when folded we’re talking roughly 30 x 20 cm, so can slide nicely into a rucksack - it’s a breeze to assemble and does great for creating an isolated recording environment wherever and whenever.

The Portable Vocal Booth ‘Home’ Edition.

With the Portable Vocal Booth Home Edition, things start to get slightly more serious. The first thing to note is the style - we’ve taken great care in making our Portable Vocal Booths look the part (we all know that studio aesthetics are a highly important factor!) - and the Vocal Booth Home comes in our trademark orange and matte black...suits you sir!

In terms of functionality as a Vocal Booth, we’ve made sure this is similar to the Flex in terms of it’s foolproof setup and portability. Though it is not quite as small when deconstructed, the Home folds neatly in half and can be stored and transported with ease. In terms of theall-importantt isolation, we use high quality acoustic foam and aluminum to create that pro-sound recording environment. We should admit that ‘Home’ is a slight misnomer, as this Portable Vocal Booth is perfect for both home, studio and field use!

The Portable Vocal Booth ‘Pro’ Edition.

Our flagship Portable Vocal Booth Pro Edition has a lot going for it. Let’s start with it’s sleek design - perforated brushed aluminum flanks each foldable panel (of which, there are four) along with our sleek metal microphone mount. The four panel system provides excellent coverage when fully extended, and means that it can be folded down nice and tidy - staying true to our principle of making sure our we mean it when we say Portable Vocal Booth.

Similarly to the Home version, we use a combination of our trademark high quality acoustic foam and aluminium chassis to create that all encompassing recording environment. The important distinction to be made here, however, is the shape of the foam - much like a professional sound studio environment, the ‘egg box’ shapes provide the perfect reflection resistence to bring warmth, depth and timbre to your recordings. Finally, to make sure we are as portable as can be, the Vocal Booth Pro comes complete with handy desk feet, meaning you can plonk it down or mount it up just about anywhere. So there we have it - hopefully this has shed some light on the mysteries lurking in our wonderful world of Portable Vocal Booths, if you’d like to find out more, please feel free to drop us a line, or perhaps take a perusal of these video reviews : - Portable Vocal Booth Home  - Portable Vocal Booth Pro