Kieran Alleyne is just one third of boyband 5 After Midnight who have managed to successfully secured their place in the semi final of this years X Factor.

The singing/dancing superstar has long been a fan of our recording equipment and we thought we would catch up with him and how his journey of the X Factor has been so far!

How's the journey so far on X Factor?

It has been amazing! There has been tough times as well as good, but I wouldn't change anything. It is making me a stronger person.

How did it all come about auditioning for the X Factor?

I was trying to make the solo career work but wasn't quite reaching my goal. I had to look at exploring new options and at the time Xfactor was the best option. Obviously previous to 5am you were singing solo material, how does it feel now to be in a band? It's definitely different, but I love being in 5am the energy is great! And they are definitely amazing guys.

Who is the nicest judge?

All the judges are nice but as we spend the most time with Louis, I have to say he is the winner.

What advice can you give to those who will be applying for next year's X Factor?

Stay focused & work hard..... But don't forget to enjoy it!! Who have you formed the closest bond within the show?

There is a few people!! Four Of Diamonds, Saara, Matt & Sam... are the people I have really really jelled with.

Which has been your best week so far?

For me.... The Spice Girls performance was my best week, it really showed how diverse we are and also that we could all sing.

If the band could duet with anyone in the final who would it be?

I would say there is 5 people who we would to perform with! Drake, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars & Usher.

Have you had any weird or wonderful encounters with fans yet?

Our fans are just so wonderful, they always make me happy and are so supportive!We have met some amazing children from Charities that literally melt my heart!! I was given a teddy bear by a little girl called Kaleigh who suffers from DIPG! It almost brought me to tears!

Watch Kieran using the Studio Series Vocal Booth