Desktop Headphone Stand

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  • Desktop Headphone Stand
  • Desktop Headphone Stand
  • Desktop Headphone Stand
  • Desktop Headphone Stand
  • Desktop Headphone Stand
  • Desktop Headphone Stand
  • Desktop Headphone Stand
  • Desktop Headphone Stand

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The Editors Keys Studio Series Headphone is simple yet beautiful headphone stand, which can sit perfectly on your desk next to your computer monitor.

Top Benefits

  • Made of a lightweight acrylic plastic material.
  • Holds your headphones in place during or after recording.
  • Prevents your headphones from damage.
  • Looks pretty damn cool on your desk! 
If you want to prevent your headphones from becoming damaged during recordings, you need the StudioSeries Desktop Headphone Hanger. 

Like all StudioSeries products, this Desktop Headphone Stand is covered by a lifetime warranty.

Maximum weight 648g or 1.4286lbs

Height of Stand: 30 cm,
Ground plate 13 x 12 cm (w x d) 

Max height for the headphone max 25cm

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There are 8 review(s) for this product.

Desktop Headphone Stand

By: Callum on August 25, 2015

Simply, stylish and great quality. There's not much to be said about the stand as it does exactly what it says on the tin. Mine currently sits on my desk and holds my KRK headphones perfectly, I wouldn't go without it. Would highly recommend it for people who regularly use headphones and need a safe and secure way of storing them.

Amazing Stand!

By: Steven Lowry on October 23, 2014

This headphone stand is very light, yet holds my rather heavy Shure SRH440's very well indeed. It is very stable and looks good into the bargain.

I would recommend this stand to anybody who cares about their headphones.

great quality

By: Thomas on August 30, 2014

this is just perfect and looks great on my desk next to my laptop. and looks like it is durable and will last a long while. very happy that i got it.


By: Nino Z on August 9, 2014

It's plastic, but processed in such a way, that it shines as if it were metalic. It reflects light and attracts attention. If you are going to buy any of the Editorskeys headphones, I strongly advise to get this stand too, you won't regret it!

Really great

By: Yoni's Tech Shop (London, UK) on January 16, 2014

Can't go wrong with it. Excellent quality, just like every other Editor's Keys product. A must have for anyone with headphones.

It's one of those things you didn't realise you needed until you get one

By: Amazon Customer on January 11, 2014

Well, yes, it is just a piece of acrylic fashioned into a pleasing shape but it does make my desk a lot tidier! Great price and quick delivery: Editors Keys customer service, as always, is exemplary.

Fast shipping and great price!

By: alestemplestudio (La Corunna, Spain) on January 6, 2014

I've had a very good experience!
I'm really impressed with with the level of support given!!
Excellent quality! Very recommended!

Perfect and stable solution

By: W. Koch on January 1, 2014

My desk is always crowded, my headphone not easy to find there. Also I was afraid to damage my headphone under other stuff.

When I found this Headphone Desk Stand I decided to give it a try. There has been no dimensions in the description, so not sure if it will fit.
Today it is now on my desk. Fits for my headphone, stable with a perfect main focus. My headphone (DT990 PRO) has 240g. Just tested with more than 500g, still stable. So lightweight is no negative Point at all.
The missing dimensions if you need it:

height over all 30 cm, height for the headphone max. 25cm (23cm at 500g), ground plate 13 x 12 cm (w x d) total
height over all 11.8 in, height for the headphone max. 9.8 in, ground plate 5.1 x 4.7 in (w x d) total

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Additional Information

Compatible With Audio Editing, Video Editing, Design / Photography
OS Mac, PC, iOS