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  • Dual Layer Pop Filter
  • Dual Layer Pop Filter
  • Dual Layer Pop Filter
  • Dual Layer Pop Filter
  • Dual Layer Pop Filter
  • Dual Layer Pop Filter
  • Dual Layer Pop Filter
  • Dual Layer Pop Filter

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Perfecting, your perfect take

Fast delivery to the USA, UK, Europe and the rest of world. 
Getting that perfect take is always hard, but don't you just hate it, when you've set up everything correctly, recorded the perfect take, then listened back to hear your vocal volume has peaked, distorted or there are two many "SSS" or "dooph" sounds!?! Ahhhh!

Well the Editors Keys Dual Layer pop filter can make every single recording perfect. We know every person has a different voice and people speak at different levels. This is why your pop filter has a dual layer of high quality nylon mesh, which gives you adjustable levels of audio filtration. That makes your Editors Keys Pop filter 2X more effective than that of the nearest rival single filter.

"From a survery of 200 audio producers, 187 agreed that a dual layer pop filter is the most effective way of improving audio recordings and preventing pops and hisses."

What does a pop filter do?

A pop filter, (sometimes called a pop shield) creates an anti-pop noise protection for all audio recordings. Recording studios all over the world use our pop filters as they are an essential tool when recording. They serve to reduce and eliminate 'popping' sounds caused by fast moving air whilst you speak or sing.

If you've recorded yourself singing or speaking before, you will sometimes notice when you pronounce words with P's, B's, S's, Ch's or Z's it caused your microphone to record a muffled or pop vocal. Using your Editors Keys Dual Layer Pop Shield will completely take these out of your recordings.

Recording, without the complications

Your Dual Layer pop filter is really easy to attach to any microphone stand. Simply unscrew the clamp and tighten it onto your microphone stand, easy! The flexible arm allows your to accurately adjust the distance between the filter and the microphone for optimal performance.

  • Perfect for singing, voice overs or podcasts
  • Fully adjustable arm for precision adjustment
  • Dual Layer Pop Filter, 2X as effective as a standard pop filter

Don't take our word for it.

If you've ever been into a professional recording studio, in the midst of excitement, chances are you will have seen one of our pop filters sitting at the helm of the recording process.

 Money back promise. 

And if you have any questions, why not drop us an email? We don't believe in automated email replies, so one of our helpful staff will contact you back within 24 hours. We also offer a full 30 day refund policy, so give the product a go, record some tracks and if you don't think this changes the way you record, we'll give you your money back!

The sale ends this week, so buy your Dual Layer Pop Filter now.

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Does this fit onto the basic mic stand?

By Chris on October 15, 2015

You'll be pleased to know the Dual Layer pop filter fits 99% of the stands on the market today, including all of our StudioSeries stands.

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There are 28 review(s) for this product.

Best Ever!

By: Donovan on October 28, 2014

This is the best Dual Layer Pop Filter I have ever used!

Good quality

By: Derek OBrien on August 28, 2014

Use this item with Blue Yeti + Blue Radial with the 'On Stage Stands' Euro Boom Mic Stand which provides a great mic setup.

Love it!

By: Rj Samuels (Strabane, Co.Tyrone, GB) on August 28, 2014

So simple but effective

Good quality

By: Derek OBrien on August 14, 2014

Use this item with Blue Yeti + Blue Radial with the 'On Stage Stands' Euro Boom Mic Stand which provides a great mic setup.

Excellent quality!

By: Nino Z on July 10, 2014

I got this with my SL300 and am very happy with the quality. It's very flexible and also looks good thanks to the awesome studio logo on it. The perfect protection from saliva on your nice mic and that nasty popping sound which otherwise might appear when you pronounce words with a strong "p".

While it is not cheaper than other products and often a slightly more expensive - you get what you pay for in great build quality and editorskeys' awesome customer service!

Definitely a must have!

Great product

By: Kristine Simmons on August 4, 2013

I bought this for my son for a gift at Christmas . He's a musician and said it is great quality and exactly what he was after .

Impressive piece kit

By: Linda on July 30, 2013

Bought this for my grandson to help with on line gaming his friends say they have never heard him so clearly. Highly recommended by him.


By: Paul on July 25, 2013

I am very pleased with the product. The flexible arm is fantastic.

Sadly, I don't have anything else to compare it too - but for simple speech through to 'hardcore' singing, this pop filter really works a treat.

I'd recommend this product too anyone.

Really does the job

By: RHD on July 20, 2013

I can't say if a single layer pop filter would have a lesser effect but this does a great job of filtering out explosive consonants from recordings. The price was pretty good too.


By: 04hday on July 15, 2013

This is perfect! Simple to fix on to whatever you need it to and just overall perfect! 5 stars all the way!

Only lets sound through.

By: Aldfrith Aern on July 10, 2013

You hear that? That's the sound of good, clear vocals, et. al. Of course, if you're using one of these, you've hopefully got a good quality condenser mike behind it. Just remember it's designed to clamp onto a stand of some kind. The neck is nice and stiff so it won't droop on you. I looked around a bit before choosing this one and am glad I did.

It works

By: Mr. M. Mcintosh (Dundee, Tayside Scotland) on July 5, 2013

I use Cubase and record vocals through a good quality studio mic. This simple little device does all it's claimed to do, and you can even see the difference!

I did the obvious thing when it arrived: recorded the same vocal line without, and then with, the pop filter. Not only are the normally hissy and annoying sibilants smoothed out, but those unfixable plosive bursts are also done away with completely.

Often after recording, I previously had to open up vocal tracks as waveforms and drop the gain and play with the EQ to get rid of all the annoying sounds (and never completely successfully). If you look at the waveform of the recording with the pop shield you can actually see the difference - the whole thing is smoothed out, less spiky, but without losing the dynamics of the voice. There is a very slight loss of volume visible, but you won't hear the difference.

I'm happy with the product, and for the money I can't think of a good reason not to get one. Nothing else will improve your vocal recordings as much for such a small outlay.

Tommy Smith

By: pop filter on June 30, 2013

the dual layer pop filter worked fantastic , i ran some test blowing through it with large burst of air from my lungs and not one bit of distortion came through in my recording, the build quality very firm and unlikely to brake unless your meaning to bend it to the point where it mite brake. i am very happy with this

A pop shield will dramatically improve your vocal recordings

By: mattpearson on June 25, 2013

I am not an audio engineer, but won a contract to deliver around 3 hours of training videos for a client, most of which have a voice-over track. I have a fairly decent microphone running through USB into the computer but I noticed annoying clicks and pops when I recorded, these could be minimised by careful enunciation, but you can't be too precise with that or it sounds like you are doing an impression of a robot.

Some research into audio engineering revealed that the professionals use a pop shield or pop filter to eliminate these unwanted noises. I decided to buy what looked like the best available, which was this product. It was about 20 quid including delivery. The contract is around 4K, with the chance to do more work in the future if the work is good, just to set that cost into perspective.

The product arrived and I unboxed it and clamped it to the bottom of the desk based mic stand I have and then bent it round in front of the microphone leaving about an 8cm gap between the shield and the mic. This took about 2 minutes. I then tested it with some speech with lots of plosives (Ps and Bs), then took it away and repeated the test.

The results were dramatic. The shielded test had almost no pops or hiss (the unshielded one was harsh and ugly). Suddenly my voice sounded strong and rich but without those clicks and bangs you get with an unshielded microphone. Before I used the filter I had to do retakes of certain clips as the pops were too loud, or delve into the audio track and try and manually the shape the sound away. This was very time consuming, adding hours to the work. Now with the shield in place I don't need any retakes or edits. I reckon the device paid for itself in full on the first morning I used it.

You can tell the product works with a simple test. Hold your hand about a foot away from your mouth and make P and B sounds. You can feel the packet of air as it puffs on your hand. It's amazing how strong it feels even when you are pronouncing quiet P sounds. Add a strong one in and it's like an explosion, the kind of thing which would cause a horrible thud in your audio recording. Now put the filter between your mouth and hand and repeat. You should feel hardly any air reaching your hand, the two layers of mesh smash the packet of air apart and stop its percussive effect. But the quality of the sound is not really affected, pop shields don't dull or blunt the sound in your microphone, they just get rid of unwanted noise. You could fashion a home-made device with a pair of nylon tights to do the same thing for almost no money, but seriously this product is very cheap at the price and does the job beautifully. It looks very professional in studio matt black and should last for ever as the clamp and stand are sturdily constructed.

My conservative estimate is that this has taken my £140 mike and made it at least 6 times better, in other words turned it into an £840 mike and raised the quality of the audio to that which a professional set up could achieve. For 20 pounds!!.

Anyone speaking into a microphone for more than about 3 minutes a day should invest in one of these. It's a no BBBrainer

Great product

By: ReaderCris on June 20, 2013

I bought this because I broke my previous pop filter (which was my own fault!); however this pop filter offers improved sound quality so well worth the extra money!

Great value for money!

By: Maurizio Giordani on June 15, 2013

I've done in the past a ton of ScreenCasts and Webinars for my previous jobs.

The M-Audio Producer USB is a great product already on it's own. But with my newly purchased Dual Layer Pop Filter and Pro Tools The setup is perfect! Would recommend to a friend.

Best pop filter!

By: David Gibney on June 10, 2013

Fantastic pop filter. I use it coupled with a Blue Snowball for YouTube videos and it's definitely made a big difference. There's not much else I can say. It's a pop filter that works exceptionally well.


By: Syex "syex" on June 5, 2013

This is one of the best things I've ever purchased! I'd say it got rid of 90% (maybe more) of the pops. what remained were mainly on 1 or 2 P sounds, and even they were faint and no effort to deal with. There was virtually no sibilance!

dual layer filter

By: The Ham Strangler "jim turner" (cambridge) on May 31, 2013

Does the job, very flexible and sturdy, should last for ever if used in a fixed studio, and great value for money

Handy screen

By: Amazon Customer on May 26, 2013

Seems to do the job - a double layer cloth guard in a robust flexible stand. And worthwhile to get as it makes a difference.

Works Excellently

By: Dave L. "The Box Shifter" on May 21, 2013

I am using this with a Blue Yeti and it filters out pops and hisses perfectly. I did some test recordings in Audacity with and without it, and the results are unbelievable.

I use the mic about 6 inches from my face (so I can reduce the gain and pickup less keyboard and mouse clicks) so a pop filter was always going to be needed - and this one is worth it's weight in gold.

Feels well made, although the clamp onto the mic stand is a bit odd. It's designed to be universal but I find it will easily start moving unless you really swing on the nut to tighten it up - which is obviously also going to start marking the stand I assume.

Overall, highly recommnded and worth paying the extra for double layers and the brand, if you can afford to.

Does the job!

By: Jason Stuart on May 16, 2013

This pop filter does the job.

I used to use make shift pop filters but there were not any good.

Then I happened across this one and it's amazing!

Seems to work

By: b c loft on May 11, 2013

I wasn't sure if this would make a difference but it does seem to improve the recordings. Using it with a blue yeti microphone.

4 and a half stars for functional product,

By: Andi "andihasspoken" (Kent, England) on May 6, 2013


Totally flexible and works well with both dynamic mics and condensers. The gooseneck arm provides flexibility and stays put once manipulated into place - so far!

'Pops' and 'clucks' when doing vocal work are eliminated, so it does its job.


Can be a bit cumbersome.

Not the cheapest pop filter on the market but then you get what you pay for. I don't anticipate needing any other pop filter but this one.

All in all, recommended.

Solid and Well Made

By: B Brown on May 1, 2013

I use this with my condenser mic and it does make a big difference. Not having to worry about plosive sounds (peter piper picked a peck of pickled pepper ;)) has meant fewer issues with editing and having to filter out pops and clicks. I'm by no means an expert yet I can see the huge impact having a pop shield makes with a good quality mic. I wouldn't use one without a shield again.

-The mounting bracket and frame are solid and well constructed in steel as is the neck. The screw threads are steel and capped with plastic but not in a cheap way It's really well made.
-The neck itself is able to be positioned without any issues of drooping whatsoever which cheaper models seem prone to.
-Dual screen at first I was a little concerned with this as I thought it might loose some of the input range but I needn't of worried at all this isn't the case.

There is a school of thought that material based screens do loose something in input quality in comparison to metal shields. Honestly though this isn't going to be a deciding factor unless you have bat like hearing or are professional sound engineer. In any case compared to not having one at all a material screen will have a very positive impact on the overall quality of your recordings.

For the enthusiast or home user this shield provides outstanding build quality and a good price. I usually find spending a little more than the bottom of range pays off. In this case I feel that it's quite noticeable compared to cheaper offerings simply for the durability of the item alone.

Does the job!

By: Scattie (Europe) on April 26, 2013

This is a well-built item that has reduced pops and fricative noise to a very acceptable minimum. That is to say, I no longer have to edit them out, or be careful not to pronounce plosives while narrating.
The attachment presented a problem: it's made to attach to your mic stand, but that isn't an option as it can add to unwanted vibration noise to a sensitive mic.
However, once solved, the flexi arm works well and stays in place.
I'd recommend this product.

Great pop filter

By: Darragh Robinos on April 21, 2013

Its a great pop filter and truely is worlds best real strong I tend to move around alot and it hasnt wore one bit since i got it and it really does help the sss when your pronounce your s's and z's really good for your money.

6" dual layer pop screen - excellent performance

By: reviewer on April 16, 2013

This product was dispatched promptly and was delivered in an Amazon box (see the photos for the product packaging).

The screen has a diameter of 14.5cm (about 6") and has two screens, about 2.5cm (1") apart. The flexible arm is 32cm (about 13") and attached to a sturdy clamp.

Unlike the previous reviewers, I can compare, and this pop screen performs dramatically better than single layer variants of the same diameter. Thanks to the gap between the two layers, it's cutting out all the unwanted pops from my recordings. I have been using this with a Zoom H2n and a boom and am delighted with its performance.

Definitely worth the money -- I wish I had bought this first. It's brilliant; go for it!

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