Microsoft Surface Keyboard Covers - New Product Launch - Editors Keys

Microsoft Surface Keyboard Covers - New Product Launch

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We've got some great news for your Microsoft Surface fans. (To be honest, I'm a Surface fan too!) We've just launched a great new range of keyboard covers for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 2017, Surface Book and Surface Laptop.

The new Microsoft Surface keyboard covers offer full protection against coffee spills, dirt and dust, as well as offering you all of the shortcuts for your favourite Adobe programs.

Each cover has the Photoshop, Premiere, Lightroom or Audition keyboard shortcuts icons, text reference and standard typing letter for regular use.

For the Surface Pro, Surface Book and Surface Laptop we have: (simply view details if you'd like to see the Surface Book version photos.)  


Direct links below:

Adobe Audition Surface Keyboard Covers.

Adobe Lightroom Surface Keyboard Covers

Adobe Photoshop Surface Keyboard Covers

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Surface Keyboard Covers

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