Editors Keys was set up in 2005 and we’ve been on a great ride since that day. There was one goal when we started, that goal was to make the editing and creative process easier and faster than ever before. 

We’re a small team based in England with an obsession for making enjoyable equipment and experiences that go along with using them. When we create a new product we collaborate with creatives and customers all over the world, so we can work together to make something incredible, yet simple at the same time. It’s a pleasure to work with you all and for us to share our passions.

The Team

Mark is the founder and company director of Editors Keys and Studio Series. Born in the South East of England, Marks always had a passion for media and technology, he just loves to tinker about with new ideas and projects. Little secret about Mark - he started his career as a floor manager for ITV and worked for shows such as Trisha, Jerry Springer and Jeremy Kyle before leaving to run Editors Keys full time.


Office Essentials: Full cup of coffee, MacBook Pro, Skype phone and Final Cut Pro X Keyboard.


Rob from Manchster, is our top creative designer for the Editors Keys products, so it's thanks to him you have those lovely little icons on your keyboard! Rob is a passionate design (Adobe Illustrator if you're asking) Loves Manchester City and a bit of Oasis.

Office Essentials: Sharpie, and an Illustrator Wireless Keyboard.




Lewis is also from Manchster, is video director and producer and helps to produce all of the lovely videos you see on our YouTube channel. (YouTube.com/editorskeys) Uses Adobe Premiere Pro and can also play the drums! 

Office Essentials: Large coffee and an Premiere Keyboard Cover.



Warehouse Team

Although we work in a great city centre office, we also have a massive warehouse down the road. We have a large team of amazing people at our fulfilment centre headed by Jay.

Most of our large products are stored here, under tight security. Our fulfilment centre is based at Exact Fullfilment in Licoln and our team there make sure all of the orders go out on time to reach you super fast!   



The extended story... 

The company started in Norwich, (just opposite the cities famous castle pictured here) with a handful of editing keyboards stickers for programs such as Pro Tools, Photoshop and Adobe Premiere (mainly because we loved using those programs.)

Since that time we’ve created dedicated PC and Mac editing keyboards for all of the major video, audio and design programs (such as Avid, Pro Tools, Cubase, Final Cut Pro, Logic, Ableton Live, Reason, Sony Vegas and many more.) We’re now based in Manchester city centre at Barton Arcade, which is a stones throw from MediaCity UK. 

Recently we launched the StudioSeries brand, which focuses on creating an amazing range of home recording equipment, including our lovely USB microphones, vocal booths and other great little accessories.

We’re now rated at the No.1 Manufacturing business on TrustPilot.com in addition to being nominated for 6 business awards including the eBay Business Award 2019.


Environmental Pledge

One thing we pride ourselves on here at Editors Keys is our extremely low environmental footprint, In fact all of our Keyboard deliveries are now carbon Neutral. We don't post out invoices or letters where possible, (email only unless requested.) All of our packaging is made from recycled material, we use Apple Mac's which run on an extremely low amount of power and are now recyclable. If items are sent from our official website we use white plain packaging to save on excess packaging waste. 

We're always looking for new ways to improve the way we ship products. If you spot anyways we can do things better, let us know! 

Educational and Youth Support. 

We love to help young people get into the creative industries. When we were at school, we wished we had better equipment, so that's why we're making that wish come true for the youth of today. By helping support schools, youth centres and businesses with equipment, we believe we can help shape the future for young children around the globe, who otherwise wouldn't get the chance to have a career in the media industries. From offering educational discounts to complete free studio equipment we love to get involved where we can.