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Microsoft announce new Surface Book 2 - Twice as powerful as latest MacBook Pro

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Microsoft has just announced the Surface Book 2. A follow up to the original Surface Book.

The new Surface Book 2 comes with some great new features and is focused towards creatives, with this years focus on video editing and gaming. In addition to the 13" model there is now also a massive 15" model available for the first time.

This years Surface Book comes with Intel's latest 8th-gen Core processors, up to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics, up to 16GB of RAM, and an amazing battery life of up to  17 hours based on video playback.

Microsoft have high hopes for the Surface Book 2 and claim this laptop is now up to five times more powerful than the original Surface Book and twice as powerful as this years best MacBook Pro. One area of this years MacBook Pro which has been disapointing is the battery life. (Mine here gets 5 hours tops!) Microsoft says the Surface Book 2 has over 70 percent more battery life than this MacBook Pro, but we'll have to test this in the real world.

The new Surface Book 2 is still multimode, which means it can be used as a tablet, laptop or in 'Studio Mode' for drawing.

Microsoft added that the Surface Book 2 has 45 percent more pixels than the latest MacBook Pro. The 15-inch model has a resolution of 3240x2160 pixels, good for 267 PPI, while the 15-inch MacBook Pro is 2880x1800 and 220 PPI. 

For ports this year, Microsoft have finally added a USB-C port, whilst still keeping USB 3.0, a headphone jack and SD card reader making it quite the device for professionals. (No dongle required.) 

Surface Book 2 starts at $1,499 for the 13.5-inch model with a Core i5 processor, Intel HD Graphics 620, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of SSD storage. More powerful 13.5-inch configurations are available for up to $2,999. 

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