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Touch ID Apple Magic Editing Covers

You asked for it, and we delivered! Our new range of Editors keys silicone shortcut editing covers for the Apple Magic keyboards with Touch ID have arrived.

Our graphic designer, Rob, has been hard at work re-designing our popular ranges of silicone shortcut editing covers for the new TouchID Apple Magic wireless keyboards. The new models are fully up to date, including Logic Pro and Ableton, which have been updated to reflect the latest software versions.

These new covers include a gap on the TouchID key to allow it to function, and a curved edge design to fit perfectly snug over the sides of the latest Apple Magic keyboard.

Are you looking to cut your editing times in half? memorise your favourite editing shortcuts faster, or just improve your workspace? Then a shortcut editing cover from Editors Keys could be the perfect companion for you! Editors Keys shortcut editing keyboards and keyboard covers are used and highly regarded by some of the top production companies in the industry including Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, Lucasfilm, BBC, ITV and many more! They're simple and easy to use, maintain and clean, letting you stay focused on the final product.

Our new covers come in 2 variants: MKN for the longer numeric Magic keyboards and MKS for the non-numeric versions so whatever your keyboard, we've got you covered! Our TouchID keyboard covers are available for -

Our keyboard covers are designed to fit all Mac keyboards worldwide, including US, UK, and European models. CLICK HERE to see how our covers are able to accommodate US and UK/EU keyboard language layouts. Made from durable, ultra-thin (0.5mm) silicone, they offer excellent protection against spills and grime while being easy to clean. Additionally, these covers are fully compatible and up-to-date, ensuring seamless integration with your music production software. Like the look of our new Magic Keyboard editing covers? CLICK HERE to visit our site and have a browse for yourself!

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