Adobe brings TEXT BASED EDITING to Premiere and other exciting updates. - Editors Keys

Adobe brings TEXT BASED EDITING to Premiere and other exciting updates.

Editors Keys at the NAB Show 2023! Reading Adobe brings TEXT BASED EDITING to Premiere and other exciting updates. 3 minutes Next SONY's latest AI INTEGRATED vlogging camera!

Adobe has announced a range of new video updates to be showcased at the upcoming 2023 NAB Show and we'll be there to film interviews with the Adobe team.

Adobe claims Premiere Pro's latest update will be the fastest and most reliable version of Premiere Pro ever, which includes AI-powered text-based video editing and automated tone-mapping capabilities. 

The innovations are designed to save time and automate time-intensive tasks, giving professionals more time to focus on shaping their stories. The demand for high-quality content has doubled in the past two years and is expected to increase by five times in the next two years, according to Adobe.

The most exciting feature we're looking forward to trying is Adobe's Premiere Pro new Text-Based Editing, which allows creators to copy and paste sentences in any order they want and see them appear instantly on the timeline, or simply delete lines of dialogue and have Premiere, edit out that footage, we've seen a demo and wow this looks impressive.

Text based editing in Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro also features new Automatic Tone Mapping, which lets editors mix and match HDR footage from different sources including SLog3 and iPhone Dolby HDR and achieve consistent colors without using look-up tables. Additionally, the application includes dozens of user-requested improvements, such as background auto-save, system reset options, and an Effects Manager for plug-ins.

Use any log footage in Premiere

After Effects includes a new Properties Panel that offers quick and easy access to important animation settings in one convenient panel. The panel is context-sensitive and automatically displays important controls needed based on selections.

In addition to these updates, Adobe also announced new innovations that expand’s industry-leading video collaboration platform to work with Photography.

With the demand for content growing exponentially, Adobe recognizes the importance of providing creators with the tools they need to deliver high-quality content faster than ever before. By leveraging Adobe Sensei, the company's machine learning and AI framework, Premiere Pro and After Effects now streamline video workflows and offer AI-powered editing that saves production teams precious hours and significantly reduces costs.

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