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Top 5 Plugins for Ableton 2023

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In today's blog we're going to be delving into the top 5 plugins for Ableton Live. Ableton being up there with Logic Pro and Pro Tools in the upper echelons of music production DAWs, you're going to want some top notch plugins and doohickeys to go along with it and add those extra twinkles to your mixes. Well we might just have the suggestions to point you in the right direction.

 1) Xfer Records Serum Synthesiser

The Serum by Xfer Records is an advanced wavetable synthesiser that allows you to create a vast range of unique and expressive sounds (as do most synthesisers!) But with a wider range of variable parameters that are fully customisable to meet each of your frequency-based needs! Perfect for both electronic music production and sound design.

The Serum features a super sleek and easy-to-use user interface design which makes use of an inbuilt wavetable editor. You can edit your own waveforms and wavetables in a number of ways including by importing your own audio files, morphing between them using standard crossfading techniques or by harmonic/spectral morphing. With a vast range of modulation options available, you'll be able to add just about any level of manipulation to your sound to get it just right!

The Serum by Xfer Records is currently $189.00 (Around £155) from their official website, so check it out! It even comes with a free trial download.

2) Native Instruments Kontakt 7

The Kontakt 7 by Native Instruments is an incredibly diverse and powerful sample-based instrument plugin which features a huge rage of instruments, effects, synths, drums and guitar/bass amp simulation. This plugin will contain everything you'll need to broadly expand your musical and instrumental arsenal


From acoustic guitars, classical acoustic, bass guitars, electric guitars to world instruments like flute, Kalimba, Sitar and an entire orchestra's worth of classical instruments. All fully sampled and MIDI enabled - So they're all ready to rumble and enhance your mix! Process your new and interesting sounds through a plethora of processors and mixers to give it that extra shine. From tape warmth to a crispy master, this kit has it all!

The Native Instruments Kontakt 7 is currently £269 ($327) on their official website, so check it out and grab yourself a bundle of creative treats!

3) Ableton Wavetable Synth

Ableton does actually have its own popular wavetable synth available from Ableton's official website, it's a kickass piece of kit and super user friendly. It's been designed to put the power and palette of wavetable synthesisers into a software instrument that's playful and accessible. It bring these more intricate and detailed depths of synthesis without compromising the simplicity and possibilities of a synthesiser like this.

Responsible for Wavetable's sounds are two oscillators, plus a third sub-oscillator, which you can use to shape and morph hundreds of wavetables derived from classic, synthetic or real instrument waveforms. Each oscillator has independent controls for pan, volume and tuning and a control to sweep through the position on the wavetable.

The Ableton Live Wavetable synth is currently £109 on Ableton's official website, click the link to check it out for yourself!

4) FabFilter Pro-R

When it comes to reverb, you're going to want to check out the FabFilter Pro-R reverb plugin. Reverb normally ends up on most things in the mix: Drums, Guitar, Vocals, Synthesisers and more. In which case, you're going to want it to sound good, right?

The Pro-R features a metric ton of room models from small rooms to larger halls and even cathedrals! Regardless of the size that you're looking for, we can guarantee that you'll be able to find your dream reverb sound in this plugin. Not only does it offer you a wide range of reverb sounds, spaces and styles, but it also allows you to controls certain parameters like the EQ of the decay rate, and the post EQ curves, decay rate control, intelligent stereo width control, distance control, character control, distance, brightness, pre-delay controls, six-band decay rate EQ and real-time spectrum analyser.

The FabFilter Pro-R is available for £144 on

 5) Cycling 74 Max For Live

 Max For Live by Cycle 74 is a platform where you can build your own instruments/effects and tools for live performance/visuals and so much more! It gives you the ability to open up any of Live's devices, see how they're built and then change them around to meet your musical or visual needs. You can build your own device from scratch using all the same components, and you can even use Max to change the way Ableton Live operates and works, including the properties of the clips, tracks and scenes.

You can expand the horizons of Ableton Live by using Max to change and reconfigure connections to external hardware controllers and synthesisers. You can route the output audio to multiple sets of speakers straight from your Ableton Live project, or use it to control physical objects such as motors and lights - The possibilities are endless for connecting and controlling the real world via Ableton Live. Max for Live is available via the official Ableton website for different price tiers. Check it out and see for yourself!

These are just 5 of the insanely huge selection of plugins available for Ableton live, all of them can help to expand your repertoire of musical production tricks and techniques. Why not slap a few into your workspace and watch your mixes grow exponentially? They're perfect for the creatives who are looking to mix and match some new sounds to come up with something completely new, or for those looking to expand upon already existing noises.

Do you own any of these plugins? Or are you interested in getting one now? Let us know in the comments below! If you're looking to be able to edit faster in Ableton Live, check out our range of silicone shortcut editing covers -

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