New AR shopping experience at Editors Keys - Editors Keys

New AR shopping experience at Editors Keys

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Editors Keys in-browser AR brings products to life.

Customers can now put a keyboard onto their own desk, before they’ve purchased the product.

Editors Keys is a leading developer of shortcut keyboards for video creators and audio producers. The company is taking its mobile experience to another level by offering AR to allow shoppers to virtually place a keyboard onto their own desk to see how it looks and fits into their environment.

As an online business, the company felt that if a shopper had never seen the companies keyboards in real life, it could become a block to the purchasing decision. AR is the perfect solution to this problem as it allows the user to see a 100% scale model of the product.

The augmented reality functionality – which uses the latest iOS and Android software allows iPhone, iPad and Android users the ability to place a keyboard or microphone within their home and visualise how it looks or fits into a space.

No apps are required, users can simply browse through the companies website using the Safari browser, press the AR icon, then the device will measure your desk in less than 1 second and place a keyboard onto it. You’re then free to move around the room to view the product from every angle, making it very simple for customers to use.

“We wanted to offer something useful and unique to our customers. It’s a really practical way to try out a product before you buy. It’s pretty good fun too and we’re one of the first companies in our industry to offer this,” explains Mark Brown, company director of Editors Keys.

Editors Keys has enabled this feature for its best-selling products, with plans to roll out the feature to every product in the stores catalogue.

To view a demo of how the functionality works, please view the video or click here to test the experience (on iOS and using Safari)




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