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Samantha Harvey Signs Deal with Virgin EMI & Capitol (Well done Samantha!)

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We love it when we hear about your successes and the creative things you're doing with the Editors Keys and Studio Series equipment.

Today we've got some incredible news about Samantha Harvey, someone who we've always loved from the beginning of her online journey.

Samantha Harvey

Samantha started uploading her videos onto Facebook using her SL600 USB microphone just a couple of years ago and since that point, she's reached incredible dizzy new heights.

Samantha who is just 23 from Ipswich, has been creating amazing covers and uploading them to fans each week. Each video got thousands of shares and hundreds of thousands of likes. (she now has over 2 million followers on FaceBook and 250 million video views!) You've likely seen her in your Facebook feed at some point.

She's recently been a brand ambassador for McDonald's and even appeared on Good Morning Britain (created the channels most viewed video)

In January Samantha took the brave decision to turn down record label interest after record companies wanted too much control. This lead Samantha to release her first single 'Forgive Forget' independently, she even self-funded the campaign. The single was a huge hit and peaked in the Top 3 in the UK and reached the Top 100 in the iTunes chart.

Well after showing labels that she is strong enough to launch music, Virgin EMI & Capitol Records were extremely eager to have a meeting with Samantha.... and signed her up. 

We're so happy to hear this amazing news and wish Samantha all of the best. We can't wait to see what the future holds and to hear some amazing new music! 

Link to Forgive Forget:
Forgive Forget - Spotify

Link to Samantha Harveys FaceBook Page:
Samantha Harvey FaceBook Page 

 Samantha Harvey Microphone

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