Updating to MacOS High Sierra - Is your recording/editing software compatible - Editors Keys

Updating to MacOS High Sierra - Is your recording/editing software compatible

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Apple has just released their latest version of MacOS named 'High Sierra'. The update doesn't really bring many front-facing updates to your Mac as most improvements are in the backend,  including a new Apple File System, which should speed your Mac if you have an SSD. 

Other features include:

  • New HEVC video codecs which offer 40% better compression.
  • Metal 2, which offers improved graphics for your entire Mac and UI.

However we're professionals here, who use our Macs for some serious work, so is your program compatible with MacOS High Sierra? Don't worry we've compiled a list of the top programs so you can see if your software is compatible:

Editors Keys Microphones:

All Editors Keys microphones are compatible with MacOS High Sierra.

Ableton Live:

Ableton Live is not officially compatible however Ableton are releasing Ableton 9.7.5 in October, so it's worth waiting for the update before upgrading your system

Adobe (Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Audition):

Adobe isn't testing Creative Suite versions of the above programs and warns users that CS4 will not work and to expect major issues.

All of the above programs are supported in High Sierra apart from Adobe Illustrator at this time so if you're running the creative cloud, I think it's best to hold off a couple of weeks until an update arises.

Apple (Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X):

Come on, of course, these two are supported! 

Avid (Pro Tools, Sibelius and Avid Media Composer):

Avid does not currently support MacOS High Sierra and does not even offer a time frame of when it will offer support


Bitwig has not released an official statement at this time, however from our basic testing the program seems to be running perfectly well.

Presonus Studio One:

Presonus has announced it is supporting MacOS 10.13


On 09/22/17 Propellerhead happily announced “the following products are compatible with High Sierra:

Reason 9.5.2
Reason 10
Reason Essentials 9.5.2
Reason Essentials 10″
ReCycle 2.2.4 is still being tested and

“the following products are NOT compatible with macOS high Sierra:

Reason 9.5.1 and earlier
Reason Essentials 9.5.1 and earlier
Reason Limited 1.5.3 and earlier”


Not currently supported. The company is asking customers not to upgrade at this time.


 Cubase is not supported at this time. Steinberg will begin to support MacOS and Windows 10 creators edition at the end of October.



So at the time of writing it seems that many of the programs we all use are till unsupported. Have you upgraded or worrying about upgrading? 

Leave your comments and questions below.


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