Thank you for choosing the SL600 Microphone.

The SL600 is our top of the range broadcast quality USB microphone, which doesn’t require you to install anything to use it.

The SL600 utilises a high performance USB processing chip and a high quality 34mm cardioid condenser capsule ensuring all of your audio is warm and crisp.

Your SL600 has a mini jack headphone input as well as microphone gain and volume controls.

Follow these steps and you’ll be recording in no time!

Installing the SL600 on your computer is simple. Plug it in and its done! No CD or software required, as everything is inside the microphone.

What you will need to do is make sure your SL600 is selected as your input device on your computer AND the software you are using.

On a PC simply go to Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound then manage audio devices. From here, select your SL600 as the input microphone and select a good recording level of at least 60%-70%. Then from within the preferences of your recording software, again select the SL600.

On a Mac simply go to System Preferences > Sound > Input and select the SL600. When you open up your recording software, go to the preferences and select your SL600 as the input microphone.

Recording has never been so easy! Enjoy your SL600.


Low Pass Filter Switch
The LPF attenuates high end frequencies. This is perfect for use when recording instruments with bass heavy signals and for sound effects which require that warm and wholesome low-end sound.

-10dB Pad Switch
When active, this will reduce the recording input level by 10 decibels. For instance, if you were recording a signal reaching 50dB, you could use the Pad Switch to record at 40 dB and avoid any nasty distortion.

Level Controls & Headphone Input
These dials control the gain (the volume of the signal being sent to your computer) as well as the headphone volume - we recommend setting each dial to the centre before adjusting accordingly.
Headphones can be plugged directly into the microphone in order to listen to your recording live.