Final Cut Pro X Cover for Apple Magic Keyboard


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  • Final Cut Pro X Apple Magic Keyboard Cover
  • Final Cut Pro X Apple Magic Keyboard Cover

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Unleash your speed in FCPX, on your Apple Magic Keyboard.

So you love editing in Final Cut Pro X on your iMac, but lets face it, if you could save tons of extra time on each video editing session and get the same results, wouldn’t that be great?

  • Faster editing means an easier and more productive day-to-day experience for you.
  • Easily sits on your keyboard, easy to remove.
  • Protects your Macs from food and drink spills.
  • Turns your Mac into a professional workstation.
  • Designed for the Apple Magic Keyboard.

With your new Editors Keys Final Cut Pro X cover, your projects will get edited faster because you can spend more time working on your project and less time memorising the program keys.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Final Cut Pro, many of the keyboard shortcuts have changed in Final Cut Pro X. This keyboard cover will not work with previous versions of Final Cut Pro/Express.

The Editors Keys Cover for Final Cut Pro X includes custom editing buttons for the default keyboard layout for Final Cut Pro X, transforming the way you work forever.

Utilizing a multi-color printing process, the editing keys are color-coded and heat fused to ensure long lasting durability.

Full protection for your Mac

It's the one thing you're worried about... damaging your MacBook or iMac and losing all of those important video projects. Well with the Editors Keys Final Cut Pro X Cover, you'll not only get faster editing, but a full protection barrier for your Mac. The covers work well at protecting against dust, food and liquid spills such as hot coffee or tea.


This cover fits all US, UK and European Apple Magic Keyboards.

Fits all US and UK Keyboards 

What keyboard do you have?

Magic Keyboard or Apple Wireless


There are 1 question(s) for this product.

Hi there

Is this a photo of the actual product? The keyboard layout looks different to my magic keyboard. Is this in fact the MacBook version?

Also, can you let me know how typing is on this keyboard with the cover on it? Does it significantly change the travel of the keys when typing? I do a lot of typing (programming) as well as editing you see. Is there a money back guarantee if I can't get on with it?


By Peter on September 22, 2016

Hi Peter

Great question. This is the new Apple Magic Keyboard. (We have covers for the older wireless keyboards.) The cover fits over the US and European keyboards so the return key looks a little different as it fits over both types.

The cover is really great for typing, you'll barely notice it! Yes all products come with a 30 day money back promise.

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Additional Information

Compatible With Video Editing
OS Mac
Software Final Cut Pro X
I'm Using iMac Wireless Keyboard

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