Have a question? Our staff are on hand to answer all your burning questions and usually respond with 24-48 hours.

If you would like to write to us, or return a product please contact us at Editors Keys Head Office, 518 Royal Exchange, Manchester, M2 7EN, United Kingdom.

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How long will delivery take?

At Editors Keys, we try to use the best courier and delivery services to make sure we can delivery the best times.

Vocal Booths, Bundles and larger items of recording equipment is sent via the fastest possible couriers. You should find that 95% of the time that all recording equipment should reach you within the UK within 2-3 working days, and Rest of world within 2-5 working days. Microphones brought in singles are sent via Royal Mail Overseas for outside UK, which takes between 3-10 working days. UK orders should arrive within 1-3 working days.

Keyboard sets, covers and dvds are sent via the Royal Mail services and take around 48 hours for UK, 5-10 working days for Europe and 5-14 working days for rest of world.

If you need anything really urgently, please let us know as we're more than happy to help with all your orders.

How does the editing keyboard make editing faster?

Well... most of your time editing is spent trailing through the menus and tools of each program. The Editors Keys set puts these right in the palm of your hand. (many people don't even know half these tools exists.) so they not only speed up the process of editing, but can also help you find other time saving tools and shortcuts.

Where are the instructions for my Microphone / Vocal booth?

At Editors Keys, we try to do everything we can to help the environment. One thing we hate as consumers is excess packaging and instructional manuals in 50 languages. Therefore we have made some easy reading instructional manuals, in the form of a PDF download on each of the products pages. (So please visit the corresponding product page to pick up your handy manual.) We urge you to do your bit and not print out the manual. (unless you need to take it with you.) We also love to hear what you think about our packaging and how we can improve it, so please send in your ideas.

Are the covers compatible with my UK, European, US keyboards?

In some cases you may notice the image of the keyboard covers look different to your own keyboard. Well the reason for this is that Apple change the shape of the return key between European and US Keyboards. Lucky for you, we send out the correct cover based on your postage address. (phew!) If you happen to live in the US, but have a UK keyboard for example, please let us know and we'll ship the correct one to you.

I'm new to recording. Is the SL USB Microphone easy to use?

Yes... We've made it as easy as we can. You won't need to buy anything else. All you need to do is connect the microphone > select it as the input microphone of your computer > then select it as the input microphone in the recording or editing software you're using. Easy!