iPad Microphone & Recording Kit (iPad Air & iPad Pro)

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  • iPad Microphone for iPad Pro and iPad Air.
  • iPad Microphone for iPad Pro and iPad Air.

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Recording, without complication

Your Studio Series iPad Microphone Recording Kit, is the ultimate tool to record perfect vocals on your iPad Air or iPad Mini (Will also fit the iPad 3, 4, iPad Air 1 & 2 and the iPad Pro line.)

If you want to make music on the go, the options are very limited, but now if you own an iPad and the GarageBand app, you can make studio quality recordings from the studio, to the back seats of the number 52 bus! This package includes an SL150 USB Microphone, Connection Dongle, Desk Stand, USB Cable and Shockmount.

  • iPad, Mac & PC Compatible USB Vocal Condenser.
  • Comes complete with official Editors Keys Lightning to USB adapter.
  • Desk Stand Included
  • Perfect for Vocals, instruments and podcasting.
  • Huge Dual 34mm internal shock mounted diaphragms. 
  • Built in drivers, so no installation disc required.

The SL150 Condenser USB Microphone will make your life easier and recordings clearer than ever before. This recording kit comes with a genuine Apple Connection Cable, so all you need to do is connect this to your iPad Air or iPad Mini and you'll be able to record!

Now you'll have the ultimate iPad Microphone. 

Setting up:

It's truely simple. Connect your SL150 to the included USB and iPad connection cable. Then connect to your iPad Air or iPad Mini. Once you fire up Garageband, you'll see that vocal recording now says ' Tap above to record with your external USB device'. It's really that simple! The microphone doesn't require any external power. (you may occasionally get the message on your iPad saying device not supported. This simply signifies the microphone is not compatible with other software. Microphone will be fully functional.)

Sound, as good as it looks

Your iPad Microphone (SL150 Condenser USB Microphone) will make your life easier and recordings clearer than ever before, just one USB cable is all that's required to make the microphone ready for action, and that's included for you too!

The SL150 features 34mm internal shock mounted gold diaphragms. Perfect for recording singing vocals, speech, rapping, podcasts and musical instruments.

Included with every recording kit is a high-quality shock mount, USB 2.0 Cable, and heavy duty microphone case.

Compatible with Apple's Garageband App and plenty of other apps.To download Garageband for the iPad please visit the Apple App Store.

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Don Smith SL150 Review

Don Smith is a world-renowned network news camera man, video editor and anchor man since 1982 and has worked for NBC News, CBS, The Today Show and ABC’s Good morning America to name a few.

Don got his hands on the new SL150 before the launch and was hugely impressed:

"Now, the only mic I use is the SL150 USB microphone. I mean, to get the sound of the K2 at a fifth the cost and dealing with only a single cable between the mic and the computer is nirvana."

"The SL150 gave me back the timbre in my voice. The crispness is there. The sound will ‘punch through the speaker’ better."

The sale ends this week, so buy your iPad microphone recording kit now.

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Can recordings made thru this system be saved as MP3? i WOULD LIKE TO MAKE RECORDINGS TO EMAIL

By pat on April 27, 2016

Hi Pat, yes if you use this system and use Garageband on your iPad you can make MP3's which can be emailed to yourself or friends and clients.

Does it work with iPad one or iPad two

By Posseplease on August 2, 2016

This will only work with the iPad Mini, iPad Air, Air 2 and iPad Pro 9.7.

Does this work when doing simple video recordings on the iPad mini 3?

By Laura on October 27, 2016

Hi - The microphone is mainly designed for audio recording within apps like GarageBand, Pro Tools and Cubase. However this will also work in some video apps.

(We would recommend recording your Voice Over on a audio recording app and pulling that into your videos.)


Will this microphone kit fit my iPad Pro as I am taking Skype piano lessons.

By Andrew Hudson on July 19, 2017

Yes this microphone will fit the iPad Pro perfectly.

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There are 1 review(s) for this product.

iPad Home Recording Studio kit

By: Tom Whitehouse (Mr Smith Band) on April 21, 2014

My new iPad USB Recording Studio is awesome! If my plans for world domination come to fruition, i'll have your company to thank!

Excellent product, and great value.

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