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  • One Take Only iPad Teleprompter
  • One Take Only iPad Teleprompter
  • One Take Only iPad Teleprompter
  • One Take Only iPad Teleprompter
  • One Take Only iPad Teleprompter
  • One Take Only iPad Teleprompter

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Presenting, without complication.

If you're running your own production company or create your own video productions in which you need to talk to camera, you'll know how hard it is to remember your whole script word for word.

The One Take Only iPad Teleprompter turns your Apple iPad, HP TouchPad or 10" Android Device into a fully functional teleprompter, which makes it super easy to record perfect presenting every time. Saving you time and money. (Whilst greatly improving the production values of your videos.)

  • Makes reading scripts easy
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Improve your confidence
  • Greatly improves the quality of your productions
  • Saves time and money
  • Lifetime warranty.

Compatible with your style.

You're a creative, so you're likely to shoot with various cameras throughout your work. That's why we've made your iPad Teleprompter compatible with all cameras including DSLRS, Mini DV Camcorders, and HD Camcorders to name a few.

Set up of your iPad Teleprompter is super easy and with the included carry case, you're free to easily travel around, or shoot on location.

We have two versions available:

Pad Prompter for light stand
This comes with a fixed base plate so you can easily attach your pad prompter to your own light stand, this is the easiest way to set up.

Pad Prompter
With 15mm rails hardware so you Pad Prompter can fit any 15mm rail system. Please note we do not supply a Rail System, this is an adapter kit to fit your 15mm Rail System.

Save your time and money

The One Take Only iPad Teleprompter is hand-made with high quality materials, to high standards ensuring you great great value.

You'll save hundreds in production time by cutting down on 'takes' needed to get your script right. It also focuses the presenters eyes directly into the camera, making your productions much more professional than ever before.

Customer Video Reviews

What to see the Pad Prompter in action? Check out these independant video reviews:

Please note: The iPad Teleprompter requires your own camera, iPad and stand. Teleprompting Apps can be purchased on the App Store, ranging from free to £6.99.

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Just been reading about this in TV Bay magazine, it says in that review that this can attached to a tripod? How is this achieved, assuming I'm not using a rail system??

By MakeMeAVideo.tv on November 9, 2015

Great question, there are two versions of this product the standard version. (The version you'll need.) This attaches to any lighting stand on the market. (It's possible to also but a plate adapter for your tripod.)

The second version which is the Rail Kit Adapter version fits onto any rail kit system, however the slightly more expensive rail kit version can also fit onto a lighting stand, so fits the best of both worlds.

How do you control the speed while filming?

By Al on November 28, 2016

You can use one of the teleprompter apps to control the speed with your iPhone or Android phone.

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