Looking for a product? We have a list below of our main products:

Audio shortcut keyboards:

Pro Tools KeyboardThe Pro Tools Keyboard contains all of the shortcuts for Pro Tools and can help you produce your music much faster than ever before. Grab your Pro ToolsKeyboard.

Cubase Keyboard - The Cubase Keyboard features over 70 shortcuts for Steinberg Cubase. Grab your Cubase Keyboard here:

Logic Pro X Keyboard - The Logic Pro X Keyboard is one of our most popular keyboards and features over 150 shortcuts for Logic Pro X. Grab your Logic Pro X Keyboard here.

Video Editing Keyboards:

Final Cut Pro X KeyboardUsers love the Final Cut Pro X Keyboard and it's used in more video editing post production houses than any other. Check out the Final Cut Pro X Keyboard here. 

Adobe Premiere Keyboard - The Adobe Premiere Pro Keyboard has been one of our most popular shortcut keyboards, (in fact it was one of our very first keyboards.) To purchase your Premiere Keyboard click here.