Logic Pro X Keyboard - Premium Apple Mac Version

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  • Logic Pro X Premium Dedicated Keyboard
  • Logic Pro X Premium Dedicated Keyboard
  • Logic Pro X Premium Dedicated Keyboard
  • Logic Pro X Premium Dedicated Keyboard
  • Logic Pro X Premium Dedicated Keyboard
  • Logic Pro X Premium Dedicated Keyboard
  • Logic Pro X Premium Dedicated Keyboard
  • Logic Pro X Premium Dedicated Keyboard

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Get off to the right start, in Logic Pro X.

So you love editing in Logic Pro X, but lets face it, if you could save tons of extra time on each recording session and get the same results, wouldn’t that be great?

  • Faster editing means an easier and more productive day-to-day experience for you.
  • The worlds most used shortcut keyboards. Nominated for four awards.
  • Professional studio look. Impress clients and improve work flow.
  • All new design for Logic Pro X. 
  • 1 year warranty included. 

The Editors Keys Dedicated Apple Logic Pro X Keyboard is compatible with all versions of Apple Logic Pro X. Please note this is not compatible with Logic Pro 9 and below, although we do have a keyboard for that if you need one.

How does the keyboard work?

The Logic Pro X keyboard helps you edit faster than ever by offering you all of the major shortcuts at once. They're easy to find and even contain the shortcuts text and reference keys. This new design for Logic Pro X, also features a shortcut icon for the global command in the background of they key, helping you find these new shortcuts even quicker.

These keyboards are used by Logic users like you. They really help save time, as well as making your studio look amazing. Not sure? Well we offer a full money back promise, so try yours today. We're sure you'll love it. 

PLEASE NOTE THIS KEYBOARD IS A US INTERNATIONAL KEYBOARD. This will work perfectly for all English speaking countries, however UK customers should be aware that whilst the £ symbol is not displayed on the 3 key, it will still type as usual.

Don't just take our word for it...


You’ll be joining over 30,000 editors worldwide and asking the question ‘how did I ever live without it?’ It’s the perfect solution for beginners and professionals who care about the production stage of recording. Say ‘hello’ to your new best friend.

If you've ever been into a professional recording studio, in the mist of excitement, chances are you will have seen one of our Logic Dedicated Keyboards sitting at the helm of the editing process. Now's your time to enjoy the freedom from your mouse!

Your Editors Keys has also been nominated for numerous business awards, including 'Best Manufacturing Business' at the e3 Awards, 'Best International Company' at the MPA Awards as well as 'Best Social Media Engagement Award' at the eCommerce Awards, so buy from a name you can trust.

Thank you for choosing an Editors Keys Logic Pro X Keyboard.

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Do you make a US key layout version of your Logic Pro X keyboard? If yes, where do I find and order it on your website?

By Terrence Tobin on December 8, 2015

You'll be pleased to know that these keyboards are international, which means they feature both the US and UK shortcuts on them.

is this an original apple keyboard that you'll use or is this keyboard by your company?

By Reuel on December 24, 2015

Yes I can confirm this is a genuine Apple Keyboard.

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There are 6 review(s) for this product.

Any newbies dream!!!

By: Alan Ryan on September 24, 2015

I'm an electronic music producer and audio engineer, just moved into logic from Pro Tools and Ableton live (as logic can function as both) and of course my ability to navigate with my old hot-key reflexes isn't there. But now, with it so crisply laid out in front of me i have no trouble and I am flying through my work, also quite quickly learning the hotkeys off by heart.
10/10 would buy again.

Logic Pro X Efficiency Booster

By: DrGo on August 10, 2015

Absolutely love this!

It has speeded up my work massively and I would recommend it to anyone.

Feel and Look Like a Pro

By: Braidy on November 11, 2014

Shortcuts save you loads of time if you can remember them. But if you're new to the game then trying to use keyboard shortcuts will likely add to your production time and leave you frustrated. After all, you should be using all that mental energy for creating the next Dark Side of the Moon.

Here is the solution! The wireless keyboard I have been using broke, so I was looking for a USB keyboard to save on repeat problems in the future, and I stumbled across this beauty. If it helps with my production techniques and makes me look a little more professional (and less ham-fisted) then surely it has to be worth every penny. "What a brilliant idea", I thought.

It looks great, feels nice under the fingers, and already I have saved myself loads of time and energy not having to memorise all those pesky shortcuts; now I just look at the keyboard, and away we go! In no time I am flying around Logic like Rick Rubin on speed.

I wouldn't use anything else now. If you are looking for a shortcut solution, the Editors Keys Logic keyboard is the only answer.

Buy one!

Logic pro x premium apple mac keyboard

By: RGM on October 30, 2014

I felt a little guilty about treating myself to this keyboard. My last apple keyboard broke due to a rather unfortunate cup of tea incident. I decided to replace it with this as I was struggling to remember the logic prompts. Using it over the past month has been amazing, keys feel good, print quality is clear and shows no signs of wearing off. This has already saved me hours in productivity! Such a simple idea done really well.


Handy Tutorial!

By: jbglapaz on October 20, 2014

First, my thanks for such a timely delivery to the mid-western US.

I am new to LOGICPRO and was soon frustrated in finding and using the keyboard short cuts I needed.

I was looking on line for a simple list of keyboard shortcuts and discovered your keyboard.What a gem!

I can now concentrate upon my compositions instead of the quest for shortcuts (or long).

I find that the keyboard itself is a handy tutorial in itself!
It shows me the many operations and moves I can make without scrolling, searching, and wondering; and of course loosing track (pardon the pun) of where I was in my composition

Thanks and well done! Well worth the price.

Editors Keys Premium Logic X Keyboard

By: SKY D on September 23, 2014

EditorsKeys has absolutely delivered the best product for Logic Pro X editing i have ever used. The quality of the keyboard is as good as the Apple original keyboard (I believe it is one). Print quality is great as well. I looked at Logic keyboards com and prices were astronomical . I like and rate this product the best, great price and value for money

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Additional Information

Compatible With Audio Editing
OS Mac
Software Logic

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