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  • Presonus Studio One Dedicated Keyboard
  • Presonus Studio One Dedicated Keyboard
  • Presonus Studio One Dedicated Keyboard
  • Presonus Studio One Shortcut Keyboard
  • Presonus Studio One Shortcut Keyboard
  • Presonus Studio One Dedicated Keyboard
  • Presonus Studio One Dedicated Keyboard
  • Presonus Studio One Dedicated Keyboard
  • Presonus Studio One Dedicated Keyboard
  • Presonus Studio One Shortcut Keyboard
  • Presonus Studio One Shortcut Keyboard
  • Presonus Studio One Dedicated Keyboard

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End of line Clearance, Comes in Plain white box. 50% OFF. 

Love recordingSo you love editing in Presonus Studio One, but lets face it, if you could save tons of extra time on each recording session and get the same results, wouldn’t that be great?

  • Faster editing means an easier and more productive day-to-day experience for you.
  • The worlds most used shortcut keyboards.
  • Professional studio look. Impress clients and improve work flow.
  • Mac and PC Compatible. (USB port required.)
  • 1 year warranty included. 

The Editors Keys Apple Dedicated Presonus Studio One Keyboard is compatible with all versions of Presonus Studio One, Including the new Presonus Studio One 2.5.

Whats the difference between this and the Editors Keys PC/Mac Keyboard?

Well if you're a Mac user, you may prefer to keep the 'Apple' look, by using one of our official Apple Keyboard with the shortcuts moulded on top. This is a genuine Apple Keyboard.

Your new Studio One keyboard gives you lightning fast access to all of the main program tools, saving you the hassle of manuals, menus and tool-bars. So whilst saving time and money, you’ll also impress your clients by transforming your standard room into a professional studio. Each key also contains the shortcut text as well as your keyboards standard letter for easy typing.

When your at your studio set up and working on your latest track, did you know, around 30% of your time is spent clicking through the Studio One menus and tool bars?

Don't just take our word for it...

Our client

You’ll be joining over 30,000 editors worldwide and asking the question ‘how did I ever live without it?’ It’s the perfect solution for beginners and professionals who care about the production stage of recording. Say ‘hello’ to your new best friend.

If you've ever been into a professional recording studio, in the midst of excitement, chances are you will have seen one of our Presonus Studio One Dedicated Keyboards sitting at the helm of the editing process. Now's your time to enjoy the freedom from your mouse!

There are 3 question(s) for this product.

Is this keyboard compatible with Studio One 3?

By John P on January 14, 2016

This keyboard is fully compatible with Studio One 3.


Is the keyboard ok to use with Studio One 3?

By Cedric on January 25, 2016

This keyboard is fully compatible with Studio One 3.

Is this keyboard wireless?

By Factor on June 23, 2016

This keyboard is the USB Wired keyboard from Apple.

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There are 3 review(s) for this product.

Much easier to work

By: Foehn on December 20, 2015

This is a great keyboard. Same design and quality as original mac keyboard and it is much easier and more efficient to work with this keyboard in presonus studio one.

Cheers Michael

Not bad…….but some keys are different.

By: ScooterMac on July 4, 2015

I live in the U.S.A. When I bought this keyboard, I don't remember reading, (and didn't notice in the picture) that there are several keys that aren't like we are used to. I am assuming that in the UK, they are used to using a keyboard like this. Not sure about all of that.
Anyway…… when I got it and started typing on it…….I immediately noticed that the Return key, and the left Shift key were "chopped off", and as a result, my fingers weren't pressing them whenI thought they were. As a result, my typing was all off. I use the keyboard without looking at it, and from years of typing and using a keyboard, I do it without thinking about it. I'm not typing a Novel with this keyboard, but such a small thing as typing in Track names, became a chore, as I would be hitting the wrong keys. When I hit the Return key with my right "pinkie" finger, I usually barely catch the left side of it, but on this keyboard, I keep hitting the | \ key. which on my regular keyboard is "above" the Return key. On the left Shift key I keep hitting the key that is to the left of the Z key. Not sure what this key is used for. Overall…..I was very disappointed with the keyboard, and eventually had to quit using it. I was so looking forward to having a Studio One keyboard, but had to go back to using my old Pro Tools one.
Overall, it's a fine keyboard, just wish the keys were like I'm used to.
I'm sure I'm not the only one this has happened to. Just wanted to make you aware before purchasing.

A little pricey, but worth every penny!

By: Mannakin on March 10, 2015

I received the Mac version of the Studio One keyboard in the mail the other day and I'm completely surprised and amazed. The quality is exceptional. Even the box it came in is very sturdy and pleasing to the eye. It looks as if the company means for me to store it in it's case when not in use! They also threw in a little gel-style wrist rest with the EditorsKeys logo on it. Nice!

Everything is labeled in bright (but not garish) colors and the lettering printed on they keys is sharp and easily readable. The colors group the keys according to function, which is very nice and should help me learn S1 even faster. My workflow has already increased in speed just in the last few days.

Use was instantaneous. I didn't have any issues when I plugged it in. It was plug-and-play. It also looks really good sitting on my desk. It's very professional looking. One might even call it sexy.

Since I'm also a Pro Tools and Reason user, the fact that Studio One is printed on the space bar means I can entertain having a keyboard for each DAW. The only thing that might keep me from doing that is the price. It seems a little pricey at $135 (US), but then it's about the same as 'other' keyboard maker's products. Of course, those 'other' keyboard makers don't even offer one for Studio One.

Again, the price isn't a complaint necessarily; considering the quality of the keyboard and how much time it has already saved me.

Thank you EditorsKeys for a fantastic product! I will be bringing more business your way in the future!!

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Additional Information

Compatible With Audio Editing
OS Mac
Software Presonus Studio One

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