Presonus Studio One Keyboard - Backlit Mac & PC


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  • Presonus Studio One Backlit PC and Mac Keyboard
  • Presonus Studio One Backlit PC and Mac Keyboard
  • Presonus Studio One Backlit PC and Mac Keyboard
  • Presonus Studio One Backlit PC and Mac Keyboard
  • Presonus Studio One Backlit PC and Mac Keyboard
  • Presonus Studio One Backlit PC and Mac Keyboard
  • Presonus Studio One Backlit PC and Mac Keyboard
  • Presonus Studio One Backlit PC and Mac Keyboard
  • Presonus Studio One Backlit PC and Mac Keyboard
  • Presonus Studio One Backlit PC and Mac Keyboard

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World's first backlit editing keyboard 

You can spend hours - if not days inside the the studio, eyes focused on your bright monitor, so it's important you choose the best tools to help you become more productive than ever before.

A few months back we had a dream of creating the most advanced editing keyboard for Presonus Studio One, so we put our heads together and worked with thousands of Studio One fans just like you from around the world, to come up with the ultimate backlit editing keyboard.

Say hello to the world's first backlit editing keyboard for Presonus Studio One. (compatible with V1, V2 and V3)

 Funded by fans

From ColdPlay’s producer Rik Simpson, the BBC, Fox Network to thousands of home users, the campaign was backed from users from all over the world. The successful Kickstarter campaign reached over a huge 200% funding goal.

That's why we've developed the brand new range of backlit keyboards, all designed for your editing software.

How many times have you sat in a dark room editing, struggling to see the keyboard, or simply used a poor quality keyboard? We're getting rid of both of those problems today.


World's first backlit editing keyboard 

Eye strain is a big problem for most computer users and for editors working in a dimly lit room the problem can be much greater. Did you know you can be causing yourself to suffer with eye strain, back pain and neck pain? 

We worked with Optical Express in the UK to ensure we developed a product which would help remove these problems. 

“This innovation should significantly reduce eye strain symptoms. This will ultimately improve efficiency for the user & improve eye health in the long term” said Stephen Hannan, Clinical Services Director of Optical Express..

 Funded by fans

The keyboards are designed to help you edit faster than ever before. No more looking through PDF's to find the shortcuts for Presonus Studio One. Now you'll have them to hand. You'll be surprised how quickly you can edit.

Editors Keys are used by most of the worlds top editing suites, post production houses, recording studios and universities, so it's time for you to improve your computer set up and join the editing revolution.


There are 9 question(s) for this product.

if I buy the back lit keyboard for presonus studio one, are you able to purchase the 3 year extented warranty at a later time if you wanted to? Thanks and God bless!

By adrian stewart on June 26, 2015

Thanks for the message, the 3 years extended warranty needs to be purchased at the same time, or within 30 days of purchase.

Is the Presonus keyboard compatible with Studio One V 3+

By PeterK on February 28, 2016

Great question, this keyboard is fully compatible with Studio One V3 and above.

I recently received a Studio One Editor Keys keyboard from you all not too long ago and I am thinking about ordering the Backlit version. Now the price for the keyboard that I received was not a bad price, but some of the functionality has me a little unhappy with the product. Since day one I have had issues with the "Right Arrow" key and its tactile feedback is rather poor compared to all the others in that it feels mushy and has no click feel to it whatsoever compared to all the other keys. The second one concerns the upper row numeric keys and the "2" / "@" key and that, in order to use the key, I must hammer it rather hard to get any response from it. Now if I am to spend much more money on the illuminated keyboard then what is to assure me that I will receive a keyboard that I will be happy with?

By John D on March 17, 2016

Hi John

Thanks for the email. Sorry to hear you've been having some issues with your keyboard. If you wanted to upgrade to the Backlit version, what I can do for you is refund you 50% of what you originally paid of your keyboard off the price of a new Backlit. I've very sure you'll be happy with the new backlit keyboard, all of the reviews have been amazing.

Hi do you get a couple of replacement keys to make it more Mac friendly? Thanks.

By Shaun Liddell on June 29, 2016

Hey Shaun - No need simply visit
This changes your keyboard into the Mac version with the keys in the correct place.

Hi, is this backlit keyboard wireless?

By jef on August 25, 2016

This is a USB Wired Keyboard. The USB cord is required to power the lighting on the keyboard.

How's the latency for this one ?

By Bolton on September 22, 2016

Hey this is a USB keyboard and has Zero latency.

What are the precise dimensions of the keyboard? I've got an exactly 16.5" wide space to fit into.

By Dan on November 27, 2016


It is 46cm X 15cm ( or 18.1102 Inches X 5.90551 Inches)

Does this keyboard have a usb port (I use a Faderport connected to my apple keyboard)? Also what about some key commands I have added or changed? Do you have black caps that I can add?

By Bill on January 8, 2017

Hi Bill. The keyboards do not feature additonal USB ports, however they are fully compatible with all USB hubs. We don't offer blank keys for the keyboards, however it is very rare that standard shortcuts are changed.


There seems to be two different pictures of the Presonus Studio One Keyboard, the one on the main menu shows a full windows and Alt keys where as on this menu it show them with Mac commands as well. As a PC user will I receive the keyboard like in the first picture where the keys are designed specifically for the PC?


By HULK on January 9, 2017

Great question, yes we actually have different versions of the keyboard available. There is a PC only version, which has the windows keys, a Mac version with Mac keys and a cool Hybrid version which works on both a Mac and PC.

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There are 3 review(s) for this product.


By: Patrick on December 7, 2016

I love this keyboard! I've been wanting a backlit keyboard for a while. I found this one with Studio One key commands and that pretty much was the "icing on the cake." I've had it for a little more than a month and it's exactly what I wanted. I feel like a lot of people have spoken negatively about its quality and that the illumination isn't bright enough or adjustable, but that's not the case. The illumination IS adjustable and more then enough, the build quality seems to be pretty solid, the keys feel nice, the illumination is fantastic and better than all of that, the keyboard has forced me to learn the key commands and my workflow has become much more efficient.

An improvement

By: Guy on May 31, 2016

Have had this presonus studio one keyboard for 1 week and I must say that it is much better than the ones reviewed on youtube etc and shown in the pictures here. It is more matt and less bulky and the keys are in the right position ( return to zero in the above picture is wrong). As a mac user you need to use a key program that comes with the product which seems to work fine.
All in all a good buy and worthwhile product. Good customer service and quick delivery. Many thanks.

Happy Customer!

By: Adrian on May 14, 2015

I had came across the Editors Keys website a few months ago, was looking for a keyboard that had the shortcuts mapped on the keys of the keyboard so I wouldn't have to keep clicking or arrowing in the menu's all the time to do certain functions. I had my eye on the 1st original Presonus Studio 1 keyboard and saw a couple of videos of it on youtube, which were cool, but I waited a little bit, and good thing I did because the New Back lit Presonus Studio 1 keyboard had just came out a couple of months ago. I went ahead and ordered it after seeing a video of it finally on youtube by another customer! lol! I must say that the packaging was very nice and once I took this keyboard out and felt the keys, I knew I had made the right choice. Every shortcut is labeled and layed out nice and neat on every single key, the way how they colored coordinated all the keys is very cool looking and when you turn the back like on and off with the scroll key?, man, real tight! One last point that I liked about this keyboard, is that they put the 6 pack and the 4 arrow keys back in it's original position and added the other alt key on the right side of the space bar, like the way it is on a regular qwerty keyboard. A very happy customer. lol! Thanks Editors Keys

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Additional Information

Compatible With Audio Editing
OS Mac, PC
Software Presonus Studio One

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