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  • Pro Tools Skin for MacBook and Wireless
  • Pro Tools Skin for MacBook and Wireless
  • Pro Tools Skin for MacBook and Wireless
  • Pro Tools Skin for MacBook and Wireless
  • Pro Tools Skin for MacBook and Wireless
  • Pro Tools Skin for MacBook and Wireless

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Pro Tools Keyboard Cover for MacBooks and iMac Wireless Keyboards.

Pro Tools users now have the ability to use a custom editing keyboard without having to attach an external keyboard! Pro Tools users can simply put on our custom shortcut keyboard cover and start editing in Pro Tools right away, anywhere!

With our exclusive covers, your Pro Tools projects will get edited faster because you can spend more time working on your project and less time memorizing the program shortcut keys.

The Editors Keys Pro Tools Keyboard Cover includes custom editing buttons for the default keyboard layout for Pro Tools and is compatible with all versions including Pro Tools HD, LE, M-Powered and Free up to the very latest version.

This keyboard cover will fit your MacBook and iMac Wireless Keyboard.

Utilizing a 9-color printing process, the editing keys are color-coded and heat fused to ensure long lasting durability. This keyboard set is also compatible with all three of the MacBook range (MacBook / MacBook Air and the newly released MacBook Pro.),as well as the iMac Wireless Keyboard.

Each cover is printed with a QWERTY layout so please make sure your keyboard is designed for this layout. They are designed to not slip or slide and have a silky smooth feel that is soft and comfortable to the touch and will not restrict typing. Keep your laptop clean and in perfect condition, but the Editors Keys editing cover now.

Fits all US and UK Keyboards

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I didn't understand by the photos/explanation as to whether this is a silicon remove-able cover, or whether they are stickers.


By Leat on December 12, 2015

This is a high quality silicone cover so you can take the cover off as you wish. The cover can even be cleaned with water to help remove dirt and bacteria.

i have a mac book pro retina 2015, with qwerty keyboard
the cover is for uk keyboard?

By eddi on January 22, 2016

You'll be pleased to know this cover will fit your 2015 MacBook Pro

is the cover compatible for macbook air 13'?

By Nello Capaldo on May 28, 2016

This keyboard cover is fully compatible with the 13" MacBook Air.

Is this cover compatible with the Mac book 15 inch

By Curious on June 11, 2016

This is fully compatible with the 15" MacBook Pro

Hello Team Editors Keys.
I am Brazilian I would buy one of their silicone products of Pro Tools shortcuts MacBook Pro15 US mid-2012.
Do you ship to Brazil? And what value for this service?

By geidson eller on July 3, 2016

Hi Geidson

You'll be pleased to know we can ship to Brazil directly from our website. Once you've placed your order your product will be with you within 10-15 working days.

why is there no space between the enter/return button and the one just north of it?

By mark on November 17, 2016

We make the mould of the cover fit over both USA and European style keyboards. This means the cover will fit your keyboard perfectly.

Will this rubber cover for pro tools be able to fit on a wireless keyboard for an I mac 2015?

By JJ on January 26, 2017

Yes - You'll be pleased to know this cover will fit your iMac Wireless keyboard from 2015.

Is the cover compatible witn Macbook Pro 2011 17"? Do you ship to Thailand?

By rungsak bandornsak on February 17, 2017

Yes we can confirm this will fit the 17" MacBook Pro. We also do ship to Thailand.

I have a macbook pro 15" 2011 will this cover work I this one .

By CMB Solutions on April 7, 2017

Yes we can confirm this cover will fit your keyboard.

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There are 2 review(s) for this product.

Prefect fit !

By: DC on April 5, 2016

I love the way it fits. Dose not obstruct the keys at all.
Great job.

Makes my job a lot easier!

By: Jade2102 on October 13, 2015

I love this shortcut keyboard skin. I am sick of Googling shortcuts for Mac....this makes the job so much easier and it looks really colourful too.

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Compatible With Audio Editing
OS Mac
Software Avid Pro Tools
I'm Using MacBook, Macbook Air, MacBook Pro

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