Cubase MacBook & Wireless Keyboard Cover Skin

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  • Cubase MacBook Cover
  • Cubase MacBook Cover
  • Cubase MacBook Cover
  • Cubase MacBook Cover
  • Cubase MacBook Cover
  • Cubase MacBook Cover
  • Cubase MacBook Cover
  • Cubase MacBook Cover

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Steinberg Cubase Keyboard Cover for MacBook, MacBook Air & MacBook Pro and iMac Wireless Keyboard.

Instantly convert your Mac keyboard into a great shortcut keyboard for Steinberg Cubase. This cover adds all of the shortcuts as well as offering full protection for your keyboard.

  • Edit Faster in Cubase
  • Full protection against spills, dust and dirt.
  • 1 Year Warranty included free.

The Cubase Keyboard Cover enables you to accelerate your workflow and makes it easier to write, record, edit and mix your music. Keyboard shortcuts are colour coded, so users know when to use modifier keys like Shift/Command/Option to get the desired result.

Now your projects will get edited faster because you can spend more time working on your project and less time memorising the program keys. Utilising a multicolour printing process, the editing keys are colour coded and heat fused on clear silicone to ensure long lasting durability.

Compatible with

  • 13-inch MacBook 
  • 13-inch MacBook Air 
  • 13-inch aluminium unibody MacBook 
  • 13-inch aluminium unibody MacBook Pro
  • 15-inch aluminium unibody MacBook Pro 
  • 17-inch aluminium unibody MacBook Pro
  • iMac Wireless Keyboad

Please note our covers work with all US, European, UK and Rest of World keyboards. They are designed to not slip or slide and have a silky smooth feel that is soft and comfortable to the touch and will not restrict typing. The Editors Keys range of keyboard covers also safeguard your keyboard from dirt, spills and wear and tear, allowing you to protect your investment in your notebook computer.

They are hand washable and easy to keep clean. Buy yours now.

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I have a Macbook Pro early 2015 with a keyboard, bigger than the ones shown. There are more Keys now and the Enter Button is smaller. Also some other changes. Does this product fit or do you have another one that fits better?
I'd love to have that colored Keys for quick working.


Jonas Schürmann

By Skillcap on October 3, 2016

Hi we can confirm this cover will fit your MacBook Pro. (the Enter button on our cover is designed to fit over both UK and US keyboards which is the reason it looks a little odd.)

It will 100% fit your MacBook Pro.

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Additional Information

Compatible With Audio Editing
Software Cubase
I'm Using MacBook, Macbook Air, MacBook Pro

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