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  • SL150 USB Studio Microphone
  • SL150 USB Studio Microphone
  • SL150 USB Studio Microphone
  • SL150 USB Studio Microphone
  • SL150 USB Studio Microphone
  • SL150 USB Studio Microphone
  • SL150 USB Studio Microphone
  • SL150 USB Studio Microphone

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Recording, without complication

Giving you perfect vocal recording is just one of the benefits of your ALL NEW Editors Keys SL150 USB Microphone. Its also broadcast approved, recording at 48Khz.

  • Mac & PC Compatible
  • Perfect for vocals, singing and podcasting.
  • Huge Dual 34mm internal shock mounted diaphragms.
  • Built in drivers, so no installation disc required.
  • Built in studio light.
  • 1 year warranty included
  • Fast delivery to the USA, UK and Australia to all over the world.

Imagine, how much easier it would be if attaching a new microphone to your computer was as simple as plugging it in? No installation disks, no huge setup procedures, just a great looking microphone with superior recording quality to that of any on the market. That's what can be achieved with your new Editors Keys Studio Series SL150 Condenser Studio USB Microphone.

Sound, as good as it looks

The SL150 Condenser USB Microphone will make your life easier and recordings clearer than ever before, just one USB cable is all that's required to make the microphone ready for action, and that's included for you too! The built in Editors Keys Extreme driver takes care of the installation process.

The SL150 features 34mm internal shock mounted gold diaphragms. Perfect for recording singing vocals, speech, rapping, podcasts and musical instruments.

Included with every microphone is a high quality USB 2.0 Cable, shock-mount and heavy duty microphone case.

Compatible with all audio and video editing programs such as Logic, Cubase, Sonar, Reason, Serato, Final Cut, Premiere, Avid, After Effects and more!

Windows 8 and 10 - 64bit Driver:
The microphone works perfectly with Mac and PC with no drivers required. If you're running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 64bit, some systems now required signed drivers to enable the microphone.  To enable this for your 64bit Windows machine, simply download this driver: 64bit Extreme Driver. 

A real sound sample.

So many companies sell microphones, however you'll notice they don't like you to hear what they sound like, as most aren't that great. Well you'll be very proud of your SL150 USB Microphone and to prove it, we got Apple's very own voice over guy 'Guy Harris' to record some unedited sound samples with the SL150:

 For more information on Guy please visit:

Don't just take our word for it...


As well as being used by companies like the BBC, ITV, MTV, singers like Jessica Sanchez and Foy Vance, The SL series has also been reviewed by Rick Young, from MacVideo TV, who said the microphone compares to microphones which are worth around $2000, and even does some sound recordings which you can check out by clicking this link


At Editors Keys, we try to do our bit for the environment. Its for that reason, we've removed all instruction manuals from all of our products, in favour of this handy downloadable PDF. (at the tabs above.) Or you can watch our handy quick start set up guide. (more online.)

The sale ends this week, so buy your New SL150 Microphone now.

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HI, I would like to know how much power does it takes for me to operate with this SL150? I understood that iPad can connect directly with SL150 , but what about iPhone 6 plus? Is it possible to connect iPhone 6 plus with SL150 ? Kindly advise about the connection set up ?

By qliz on January 22, 2016

You'll be pleased to know you can use this with an iPhone 6 Plus.

Does The Microphone come with A Shockmount?

By Nelson Pratts on February 14, 2016

You'll be pleased to know the microphone does come with a Shockmount, USB cable and heavy duty carry case.

Hi, I have enjoyed this mic for just under a full year, however the device is no longer recognised as a USB device on my PC, I think this is a driver issue, is there anywhere I can get these drivers?

By kick on May 17, 2016


Sure thing, you can download the latest driver here:

I have enjoyed my SL150 on my previous laptop but since using y new laptop the mic is no long being picked up by my laptop, i have tried downloading the latest driver but have still had no success. Can you help me?


By michael on May 29, 2016

Hey Michael

I hope you're well. I would recommend doing the following steps:

As your new microphone is a plug and play device, it should instantly install on your computer and be ready to use. However in the rare situation where you find Windows 10 does not detect your microphone or offers up a ‘Code 10’ error, follow these steps to get your microphone working again:

- Download the latest driver from this link:

- Once downloaded, unzip the folder, but do not try to install or run the driver.
- Plug in your StudioSeries microphone, making sure the blue light comes on.
- Go to Device Manager on your computer. This can be found by typing ‘Device Manager’ with your Windows Search/Cortana bar.
- Find the ‘StudioSeries Microphone’ which is usually within the ‘Audio’ section.
- Select ‘Update Driver’
- Select ‘Browse my computer for driver software’
- Select ‘Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer’
- Click ‘Have Disk;.
- Browse to the location of the unzipped driver, which you unzipped in step 2.


Hey do u have a stand for the micphone that clips on to a desk

By Jay on August 27, 2016

Hi Jay

We sure do, please check out this link:

Hey do u have a stand for the micphone that clips on to a desk

By Jay on August 27, 2016

Hi - We sure do you can find it here:

Hi, my microphone gets picked up however the sound is extremely quite, i have tried everything and the level is plus 16.0 dB. how can i increase the sound further?

By Durf on September 28, 2016

Hi Durf

Please check out this video to correctly set up your SL150 Microphone:



hey i wanted to ask is there an shock mount arm you could recommend
for the microphone.

thank you

By James on November 27, 2016

Hey James, you'll be pleased to know this USB microphone comes with a free shockmount when you purchase it.

Would this work on a Samsung Galaxy S5 through an OTG cable connection?

By John on December 9, 2016

Yes this will work on a Samsung Galaxy S5 with the right software.

Hi there. I have used and loved the SL150 for a few years. I recently purchased a new MacBook Air, and have since been unable to use the microphone with my laptop. My computer will not recognize it. I have tried to download the driver, as recommended in other questions, but I am unable to open the setup file because of the .bat extension. Any suggestions?

By Jo on January 27, 2017

Hey Jo - We would recommend trying a new USB cable. This can often be the first thing which breaks.

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There are 3 review(s) for this product.

Incredible Value for the $

By: EposVox on March 15, 2016

MAN, they provide an awesome unboxing experience with this microphone. The mic comes with a shock mount and a very long USB cable in a hard-shell, foam-padded carrying case that will keep the mic perfectly safe for long-term storage, travel, etc. I wish all mics came with this kind of casing.
Not to mention - it came with a shock mount!! This is usually another $25-50 you have to spend!

Curiously, around the housing for the USB interface, there is threading - like on my Rode Procaster - but neither the shock mount that came with it nor any accessories I’m seeing on their websites seem to take advantage of this feature. I don’t know if this was a “just in case” feature or a design decision that they didn’t stick with, but I feel this might have been a missed opportunity. While writing this script, I actually had the idea to try it out with my Procaster’s shock mount, but it doesn’t fit.

Using the mic is quite literally as easy as it gets - hook up the USB cable and start recording in your favorite program. A little EQ and compression on recordings from this bad boy will polish you off greatly, or it still sounds fantastic without any processing.

Even better - you don’t actually need a computer to record with this microphone! Yes, via Lightning male to USB female adapters or micro USB male to USB female OTG adapters, you can use this microphone to record on your iPad, modern iPhone, or even Android phone! I don’t know if it works with all devices, but I did test it with my Galaxy Note 5 and it worked right away! Pretty flipping impressive.

Plugging it in on any device - even mobiles - will show a subtle, but noticeable, blue light inside the mic grill to indicate it’s usable.

Alright, how does it sound?
I’m quite impressed. For this price point, this microphone sounds very, very good. It’s crisp, it’s clear, and it definitely lives up to the reputation of the “Studio Series” brand.
While the audio obviously sounds better when you’re a bit closer to the mic, I was quite impressed that this microphone still sounded fairly good when put at about a 3-foot distance from me, near my normal DSLR camera to record more professional videos.

As a USB mic, it would have been nice to see sound card-like features such as headphone monitoring and such, but this would remove the flexibility of being driverless and working with anything, and would have likely raised the price out of the budget category.

For $140, this is a great affordable mic option for YouTube, streaming, or podcasting - just make sure your PC isn’t super loud.

[Speaking] in the Rain…

By: Christian on February 12, 2016

Last Sunday, I recorded another Podcast-Episode and it rained heavily while doing so.
It was such a stormy weather and I wouldn't have been suprised to hear all those sounds in the recording during editing. BUT - NOTHING. It was only my voice and nothing else. I still can't believe how damn good that mic is and I am not even a professional.

So. Am I happy with it? Gosh, you know the answer... ;)

Great Mic

By: Rouk on October 20, 2015

Using it for home recording and it is working great. Great sound quality is perfect, well worth the value.

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Compatible With Audio Editing, Video Editing
OS Mac, PC, iOS

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