iPhone/iPad Microphone Connection Dongle

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  • iPad USB Connection Dongle
  • iPad USB Connection Dongle

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Connect your Microphone, Keyboard or other USB devices to your iPad or iPhone.

The StudioSeries iPad Connection dongle transforms your current SL150, SL300 or SL600 USB Microphone into a studio quality microphone for the iPad 2, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPad Pro Models and iPhone 6 and above.

Set up is simple, all you had to do is plug in your current Studio Series microphone into our handy adapter, then plug the other end into your iPad/iPhone. 

As long as you have the GarageBand app (or any other recording app), you'll find you can record direct from your StudioSeries Microphone into your iPad. (Your recording screen will say, "Tap to record from external USB microphone.)

For the first time you'll have an iPad Microphone with studio quality, meaning you can record wherever and whenever!

Compatible with

Studio Series SL150 Microphone 
Studio Series SL300 Microphone
Studio Series SL600 Microphone


  • Easy to use, simply plugin
  • Works with almost all iPads and iPhones
  • Record broadcast quality work anywhere.

Can also be used to connect a USB keyboard or DSLR camera to your iPad too!

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