Xplorer Bluetooth Speaker - Silver Edition

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  • Xplorer Bluetooth Speaker - Silver Edition
  • Xplorer Bluetooth Speaker - Silver Edition
  • Xplorer Bluetooth Speaker - Silver Edition
  • Xplorer Bluetooth Speaker - Silver Edition
  • Xplorer Bluetooth Speaker - Silver Edition
  • Xplorer Bluetooth Speaker - Silver Edition
  • Xplorer Bluetooth Speaker - Silver Edition
  • Xplorer Bluetooth Speaker - Silver Edition
  • Xplorer Bluetooth Speaker - Silver Edition
  • Xplorer Bluetooth Speaker - Silver Edition
  • Xplorer Bluetooth Speaker - Silver Edition
  • Xplorer Bluetooth Speaker - Silver Edition

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Take your music with you, leave hassles behind. 

The StudioSeries Xplorer - Silver Edition is your ultimate portable bluetooth speaker. Enjoy the freedom of high quality music on the go, in addition to a clever built in StudioSeries microphone handsfree kit.

The Xplorer can be used with any bluetooth enabled smartphone, tablet or computer such as iPhones, iPads, Macs, PC's, Android Phones or the new Surface Pro 3. With up to 10 hours playback and a range of 10 meters, this is the perfect music player to take on the road or to enjoy at home.

  • 10W Output - 2 X 5W Speakers
  • 10 Hours Playback
  • 10 Meter range.
  • Bluetooth 4.0+
  • Built in StudioSeries handsfree kit.
  • Aux Input
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Enjoy at home, at the beach, in the office... anywhere.


Premium Materials

You'll be impressed with the high quality of the materials used to build the Xplorer. Many people are frustrated that low cost speakers are made out of low quality plastics. The Xplorer is built out of high grade aluminium and a top grade speaker set.

Many complaints with small bluetooth speakers is that the sound is always 'tinny' with too much treble. Our system allows for an amazing level of bass and treble combinded. You'll love the way it sounds.

Listen to music, take a call.

Thanks to a clever built in StudioSeries microphone, if a friend calls whilst you're listening to your music, your music pauses and you can take the call over your Xplorer speaker in HD.

Perfect for those times when you're getting ready and can't pick up the phone.



How do you pair the speaker? It's easy. Simply go to your Bluetooth settings within your phone, tablet or PC. Turn on your Xplorer and enter pairing mode. You'll see Xplorer pop up in your phones menu. Select this and you're ready to have all of your music streamed to the speaker.

All night battery life.

Some speakers only last 2-3 hours on a full charge, hardly enough time to enjoy a house party or day at the beach. The Xplorer features up to 10 hours of battery life, so you'll never be without your music.

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Will this unit work OK with my Windows surface Pro 3. Can you give me dimensions and weight.
Thanks V S

By Vic on April 17, 2016

Hey Vic, great question. Yes this will work perfectly with the Surface Pro 3. (In fact I own a Surface Pro 3 and use it myself!) The device is great quality and is around 17cm in length.

I am looking to set up a studio in my home for recording songs.. am I able to plug microphone into this for sound to come out the speaker?

By Emma on April 29, 2016

Hi Emma

Thanks for the question. The speaker has an aux in, so if you used an aux out microphone you technically could do this. The other way around it, is to connect the Xplorer to your computer or tablet via Bluetooth, then when you playback your singing it will come out of the speaker.

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There are 1 review(s) for this product.

As expected: Good quality for a decent price

By: Le Chef on September 10, 2014

Just got my package with the Xplorer speaker in the mail today.
Packaging was great, loads of bubblewrap, and the speaker itself came in a shock absorbing cardboard shell.

Build quality wise the speaker looks really good. Haven't found any imperfections on my silver Xplorer speaker so far. The brushed aluminum is a fingerprint magnet but that is always the case. This is where the leather handle comes in. The feeling is a bit more plasticy than i would have liked but doesn't feel too cheap.

The rubber feet on the bottom of the unit, luckily, haven't been glued on with crappy glue and feel solid enough that I don't think they will come off any time soon.

And now on to the important part: The sound.
Basically this speaker does what is promises; high quality sounds at pretty high volumes. The speaker didn't distort at the maximum volume, no matter what kind of music I was playing.
Looking at the frequency response the speaker did as well as can be expected from such a small unit. It has pretty descent lows, acceptable mids and highs. Some types of music, like dubsteb or EDM do seem to make the bass wash out the mids a bit more than I would like.(although not as bad as most other Bluetooth speakers I have tried). Metal, jazz, classical, rap, blues and lots of more kinds of music do sound pretty good to me.

When using the unit as a telephone speaker, the built-in microphone does sound clear and has no noticeable distortion on the other end of the call.

All in all this speaker is exactly what I hoped to see from an Editors Keys product. Good pricing, good quality (and excellent customer service) combine to make one great speaker.

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Additional Information

Compatible With Audio Editing, Video Editing, Design / Photography
OS Mac, PC, iOS

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