SL150 Condenser USB Microphone + Extras
SL150 Condenser USB Microphone + Extras
SL150 Condenser USB Microphone + Extras
SL150 Condenser USB Microphone + Extras
SL150 Condenser USB Microphone + Extras
SL150 Condenser USB Microphone + Extras

Studio Series

SL150 Condenser USB Microphone

Sale price€157,95

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Recording, without complication

Whether you’re looking to sing, record voice-overs, start a podcast or do online broadcasting, the SL150 USB Microphone is the perfect partner for you.

Giving you broadcast-grade sound recordings that are as easy as plugging in and recording, this technical achievement makes it ideal for voiceovers, podcasts, online content, live online performances and every aspect of vocal recording.

The ALL NEW Editors Keys SL150 USB Microphone gives you perfect vocal recording and is broadcast-approved with a 48Khz recording capability

  • Mac & PC Compatible
  • Perfect for vocals, singing and podcasting.
  • Huge Dual 34mm internal shock-mounted diaphragms.
  • Built-in drivers, so no installation disc required.
  • Built-in studio light.
  • 1-year warranty included
  • Fast delivery to the USA, UK, Europe and Australia to all over the world.

Imagine, how much easier it would be if attaching a new microphone to your computer was as simple as plugging it in? No installation disks, no huge setup procedures, just a great looking microphone with superior recording quality to that of any on the market. That's what can be achieved with your new Editors Keys Studio Series SL150 Condenser Studio USB Microphone.

Sound, as good as it looks

The SL150 Condenser USB Microphone will make your life easier and recordings clearer than ever before, just one USB cable is all that's required to make the microphone ready for action, and that's included for you too! The built-in Editors Keys Extreme driver takes care of the installation process.

The SL150 features 34mm internal shock-mounted gold diaphragms. Perfect for recording singing vocals, speech, rapping, podcasts and musical instruments.

Included with every microphone is a high-quality USB 2.0 Cable, shock mount and heavy-duty microphone case.

Compatible with all audio and video editing programs such as Logic, Cubase, Sonar, Reason, Serato, Final Cut, Premiere, Avid, After Effects and more!

A real sound sample.

So many companies sell microphones, however, you'll notice they don't like you to hear what they sound like, as most aren't that great. Well you'll be very proud of your SL150 USB Microphone and to prove it, we got Apple's very own voice over guy 'Guy Harris' to record some unedited sound samples with the SL150:

Instructional Videos

View the product gallery above to view videos on how to set up SL150 USB Microphone on a Mac or PC.

Free Tutorials

Visit the Editors Keys YouTube channel here:
Editors Keys Free Tutorials

In this tutorial below we show you how to sync audio from your SL600 (or SL150) to your iPhone if you're using it for YouTube.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Wyatt Rice
A fantastic microphone for the money.

The Editors Keys Studio Series SL150 USB Condenser Microphone is a fantastic microphone for the money.

The microphone features a weighty aluminium build, and it feels like Editors Keys made no compromises when building this microphone. Sure, it's a slight step down from their SL300 variant, but at a price delta of $60, what do you lose? Well, you no longer have the -10dB option by rotating the microphone, a low cut frequency mode, and... that's about it. From my research and testing, the actual sound quality between this and its big brother is non-existent.

The microphone comes in a hard plastic carrying case with two tight slide-latches. Inside of the case is some soft padding and a cutout for the microphone and its shock mount. The shock mount itself feels weighty like the microphone and fits the microphone perfectly. It also attached to my RODE PSA1 microphone boom arm without a hitch, and the whole assembly is supported just fine.

Through my testing, the microphone sounds very crisp and clear, somewhat favoring higher frequencies. It is a perfect companion to my workstation and should last me years. If you are in the market for a USB microphone at the $150~ price point, look no further.

Joe M (Scotland)
It performs great.

I use it in three areas: Voice dictation, Screencast narration and recording music.

I've only had it under a week so far, but already it has saved me lots of time by reducing the number of errors I used to experience using a voice dictation software. The software performs so much better with this studio mic.

I also use it when voicing over on screencasts for e-learning, before there was just a slight discerning background noise (not noticeable when I was speaking, but when I had stopped speaking it was there) now clear as a bell. Prior to this I used a fairly good jack plug mic and it did a job, but for the reasons stated above this has been an excellent choice, well worth the money.

I've not had the time to use it for recording music yet. But one thing the SL 150 has over other mics is that it is not a desk top mic, you use a mic stand and this makes it more versitile for using when standing etc.

One Word: WOW

Oh my goodness, this is by far THE BEST USB microphone I've EVER used. No feedback, came in perfect condition, AND not only that but it came from another country. I ordered it on Feb. 24 and got it on Feb. 26...and that's MUCH faster than when I order something from other states. The only thing missing is a desk mount but that didn't include it so I'm gonna buy that separately. Aside from that, everything it says it can do, it does and it does it very VERY well! It's an incredible piece of equipment. This has been on my top buying experiences of amazon. Thank you Editors Keys!!!

brenden kennedy
Beats the blue yeti

The audio quality is superb! Ammmmazing!!! It beats out the blue yeti byfar!! It even has a built in wind screen to maximize noise cancelation

Paul Arias Mora
The quality of the voice recordings are amazing. I don't think there are many mics out

Fairly cheap for what it does. The quality of the voice recordings are amazing. I don't think there are many mics out there better than this one within this price range. I am not an expert, but this item is more than I expected. Thanks.